L'Arc~en~Ciel is my eternal number one band. On this special page, I won't talk about their history. The info can be read everywhere. This is my self opinion about them.

My Story.

It's all started with one of the famous anime showing in Indonesia, Samurai X aka Rurouni Kenshin. L'Arc~en~Ciel sang one of the anime ending theme, "The Fourth Avenue Cafe". But, what's on my mind at the time was:

"Cool~~~ A French band sings Japanese song~~~"

I didn't realize it's the way around, a Japanese band using French language for the band's name... *baka*.

Then on my 1st year of college, my friend introduce me more to L'Arc~en~Ciel. She lend me, HEART. Actually I don't want to return the album (XP), and when I do she said, "You're done? I thought you would hear it a lot longer,". Me at the time: TwT

My journey in chasing the rainbow started from there.

The Member.

L'Arc~en~Ciel that I know is the band composed by hyde (vocal), tetsuya (bass, backing vocal), ken (guitar), and yukihiro (drums).

hyde. I love his beautiful and enchanting voice. He has a strong yet swaying voice. He's also beautiful both in look and heart. He really looks like a princess! He's so small that I want to hug him tightly, protect him from any harm. Sometimes I call him, "princess". But, now I mostly call him by, "dodo-chan" (XD).

yukihiro. I love his smile! He looks so cute and sweet every time he shows his shy smile *moving tail*. He always looking at his drums during live show. I wonder what's so attractive with the instrument? (:D). He doesn't talk much and only show his smile, which is so cute! He has an awesome arm muscle and...back!! I do love his back!! *jump over*. yukkie also has an unique sense of music, but I still like it. It shows what yukkie has.

ken. The king of pervert? (XD). ken-chan is the most easy going and hilarious member. He always goofing around and make dirty jokes. I love watching him enjoying the play during live show. I also love seeing him smoking. I would get worry when he doesn't smoke (XD).

tetsuya. I call him by "tet-chan", "leader", or "banana". He's the creator of the rainbow. The captain of the ship that sailing in the sky. The one that take my money *smacked*. I do admire leader. Leader for president! I like his clothing style. I know sometimes his style was quite odd: feathers on his hair, short skirt, and pinkish clothes. But, the style suit him or the right one is only him that suit the style (XD). Leader is the only person (and man) in this world that I approved to wear pink. He is pink! No one would suit wearing the color beside of him.

Though I put leader at the last, it doesn't mean he's the least. I love every one of them. Without the four of them, there won't be L'Arc~en~Ciel. They are the perfect mix of vocal, bass, guitar, drums, and looks (XD). They are the rainbow maker. They are the rainbow. They are the ship's owner that sail the vast sky, brings joy and smile to all the people in the world.

They will always be my forever rainbow.

Anata ga iru kara.

I've wrote a story based on the words, "anata ga iru kara" taken from the song "anata". It's my very first long story. It took me long time to finished it, with many revisions from the early plot. I must say that I feel satisfied with the outcome of the story, though when I read it again there's still few things to get fixed. But, I've decided I won't change anything more. I've promised to let the story as it is, with highly regard for the band.

I'd like to say the words to the band, anata ga iru kara...because you are here. They mean a lot for me. They are special and very important to me. I remember when I almost fall from the moving train, what's on my mind that time was: Kimi, L'Arc~en~Ciel, and works. That show how important they are to me (:D).

What do you feel when you see a rainbow?
I would be standing in amazed, smiling, and feeling happy. One of the most beautiful thing in the world. L'Arc~en~Ciel is just the same.

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