Friday, July 14, 2017

Tired ....

It's Friday~
Time to get a slight release from work.

Earlier this week, I had the thinking to stop writing. I mean with any kind of writing: blog, social media, and stories. The so called "writers block" has give great impact to me. I don't have the feel to write on my journal, update my social media, also to continue stories I've been writing.

I simply went blank ....
No ideas coming, whether after I watched a movie or drama, or by listening to music.

My journal was mostly about my moaning and distress. It made me think should I keep writing it, when it only remind me of the stupidity, regret, pain, hurt, broken heart, and scars?

One day Sister was complaining her problems (of course) to me. While listening to her, I realize that I always in the position as someone's "trash can". Even for happy things. If that so, then to whom I would deliver my own "trash"? Is there even someone willing to hear me out?

The answer is nope.

That's why I decide to write again. Hahahaha! As simple as that.
At least I would still write on my journal and occasionally on my blog, social media, and the last continuing my stories writing.
I remember a saying, "You could 'kill' someone on your writings."
So it really will be my release from all the tension.

I'm back to write!!

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