Thursday, July 06, 2017

Hey, July!

July was supposed to be my favorite month.
Lots of birthdays and anniversary.
But, this year July brings one sadness.

A dearest co-worker has decided to resign from office.

I'm always bad with saying goodbye, or even to show my emotions. People might sees me as an emotionless person. To be honest, I'm way more expressive with words and emoticons.emoji. 😁

I was scared, I was afraid I would said:

"Why you have to resign? Can't you just stay?

But, I know I can't said those selfish words. It must be difficult for her to made the decision.
All I can do  now is to keep maintain our good friendship, even though we aren't in the same office anymore. We can even still meet each other, since we are living in the same small city of Bogor. 😂

Hey, dearest friend, good luck on your new journey out there.
Best of luck and wishes. I hope we can "meet again" very soon. 😎

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