Friday, May 19, 2017

[Personal Review] BitterSweet - vistlip

Here I am again, writing a post when I finally got a brief time from work.
Well, it's not really a brief ... but I just have to manage it, so I would might disappeared again for some time. πŸ˜€

I finally get vistlip's fifth album, BitterSweet. The album was released with four kind of type: premium, limited, vister, and lipper. As always, I get lipper version, since I couldn’t afford the premium edition, even though it came with special figure merchandise design by umi … 😭

There are thirteen tracks on lipper version, with one song as a bonus track. The album include six singles and seven new songs.

  1. BABEL
  2. Antique
  3. ζ˜ŸδΈ€γ€η―γ‚‰γͺいこんγͺ倜に。
  4. Walking Dead
  6. WIMP
  10. Snowman
  11. BitterSweet Ending
  12. Credit
  13. Underworld (bonus track)
I was surprised, this times there no instrumental song in the album. Zero! It’s a good progress, I think? πŸ˜€ 
To be honest, I kind didn’t like if there’s one, or two, or even three instrumental songs. It made me feel I listen to only ten tracks, instead of thirteen. 
I really think it’s a good progress. They could make more new songs now. πŸ’“

I love the sound from all the songs. My favorite tracks from the album are: ζ˜ŸδΈ€γ€η―らγͺいこんγͺ倜に。, MONOGRAM, BLACK BOX, and Snowman. I specially love BLACK BOX since it was composed by umi. πŸ’“

BLACK BOX sounds quite different from the songs umi has composed until now. It sounds differently with “Chaplin” from SENSE mini album. 

Somehow some songs composed by umi felt “glorious” when I listen to it. But this time, I feel there’s a light feeling in BLACK BOX, which was quite similar feeling with RESET CIRCLE (CHRONUS), but it’s more fun. umi also did the design drafting (for the CD design?) and total styling (for all member style?). I just grinned happily when I saw his name written on the last page of the lyric book. I feel so happy and proud that umi has done some works in the album. 😁  

Another different thing in the album was the feel of the member collectible card’s surface. The card I get feels softer and glossy than the last one which I get from SENSE. 
I get tomo’s card again … πŸ˜‚ 

I really wonder why I keep getting tomo or Tohya’s card. I get Yuh’s card twice, and a slightly of rui at the back of Yuh. I’m still putting high hope for the day that I could finally have umi’s card. It would be one of the happiest days in my whole life. πŸ˜‚

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the outlook of BitterSweet. The CD design was simple, yet beautiful. I like the simple design and the color. If I could put it in order, BitterSweet is my most favorite album, then Order Made, Chronus, Layout, and Theater.

I wonder if vistlip name “BitterSweet” referring to a taste of a chocolate? There’s one kind of chocolate that taste bitter but also sweet at the same time, right? In their poster also, there’s a brown color flow that looks like a flowing of a melting chocolate/ice cream. πŸ˜€ Perhaps, the songs in the album were also having the feeling of bitter sweet? πŸ˜€    
Anyway, thank you, vistlip, for the beautiful works. πŸ’ž

BitterSweet also has special meaning for me, beside the song and umi related things. The album came when I failed to get L’Arc-en-Ciel’s 25th Anniversary live viewing ticket concert. As I’ve once mentioned, the ticket was sold out within minutes. I was feeling down when BitterSweet then came and light up my world. "Bitter", because I didn’t get L’Arc-en-Ciel’s live viewing ticket. "Sweet", because I get BitterSweet album to cheer me up. πŸ’•

I get a poster bonus for buying the CD on CD Japan. I finally have a quite proper vistlip’s poster on my wall. πŸ˜‚ Because of the poster, my order came in a long box that attracted co-workers attention. The box was meant to protect the poster. This is why I adore the way Japanese people handling with things. They handle it with so much care. Some co-workers were surprised when they knew I bought a CD from Japan.

“You really bought it from Japan?”
Yes, well at least the address was said from Japan.

“It doesn’t get sell in Indonesia?”
Now why would I trouble to buy it from Japan if it get’s sell in Indonesia?

“There’s a download link for it, right?”
That’s true, and I know the question would come, but if it’s for my favorite band, I’m more willing to save money to buy their CD. So please, support your favorite artist in any way you can. 😌 or at least don’t proudly said in public that you have download their works for free.

This year, vistlip will celebrate their 10th anniversary. I’m planning to post ten things I like from vistlip. Hope I will able to wrote about it. 😁

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