Wednesday, May 24, 2017

After the light out ... thank you!

On April and May, there were two big events that I have to participated as a part of my job. But to be honest, I wasn't completely going there because of my job, but also for personal reasons. As a friend and supporter. 😁

The first event was Konspirasi Alam Semesta: launching book and mini concert, held in Bandung on April 16, 2017. It was an event to celebrate Fiersa Besari's second book released. I went there with Megane-kun and Raj, our promotion's officer.

The show was a blast!

I was sitting a bit higher behind the crowd, so I could get a good view of them. Megane-kun was beside me, recording the concert, which later being replaced by Raj, since Megane-kun had to went back ahead to Jakarta for another work. (He texted me on his way home, regretting he couldn't stay long for his favorite songs being played live 😆).

While Raj was recording the concert, I was spending my times as part of the crowd ahahahaha~ I clapped my hands, and sing a long~ It was so much fun! I completely forget that I was coming for work hahahaha~~

Two hours of concert went passed so quickly. The lights were on and the crowd slowly left the arena. But, they didn't come home just yet. They were lining for a signing and picture session. I was still inside the arena, thinking back about the concert. It was really fun. 💓

One of the things that I like working as an editor, was able to go to places I've never been to, meeting new people, and getting new experiences.

I finally could experienced the behind the stage of a concert, when the crew, the staff, and the artist were busy preparing for the show. I could witnessed the sound checking and the rehearsal, which I've only watched it on a behind the stage video of a concert. I even get the honored to do a "toast" (I don't know the right term to called it 😀), just before the concert started. We joined our hands and pray the best for the concert. It was really an honor for me to join such sacred ritual. Thank you so much for letting me taste it. 💓

The second event was on April 29 and 30 April, and May 1. We had a three day "Write & Publish" tour to Depok, Karawang, and Bandung. The writers participating in the event were Brian Khrisna (Merayakan Kehilangan) and Tia Setiawati (Perempuan Penggenggam Rindu). It was a fun, joyful, and exciting tour! But, one thing that I didn't quite like was I had to talk in front of people ... 😓

Please, don't get me wrong ... I love meeting people, listen to their stories, but I really don't like being in front of people and do the talk. I was scared I would get mixed up with my words and said something I shouldn't be saying, even more if I get over my head and talked to much about myself ... 😓 I'll said it many times if I had to ... I don't like talking in front of the crowd. There's a reason why I wrote "backstage worker" on my profile. 😎

But, since Megane-kun told me to do it, and it's a part of my job, well ... I don't have much choice, do I? 😀 I hope I really didn't mislead anyone with my words ... 😭

Left my babbling aside, I enjoy the three days tour. I hope the writers who participated and the people who had come would feel the same. As an editor (for me), there's no other excitement than seeing the writers get appreciations for their works. I also feel the enjoyment seeing the writers met their readers. It's a happiness that made me grateful I choose the work as an editor. 💕

There were some repetition questions about how I become an editor, along with it's ups and downs, and also the editorial works and the process in publishing a book. It made me thinking to make a post about it (in Indonesian). Maybe, I would make a simple writing. But, I'm kinda hesitant, who am I anyway to make such writings? 😅

To end this post, I would like to thank everyone who willingly involved in the events.

The amazing people behind the stage, working so hard but might not get their name recognized. I send my deepest gratitude to you. Thank you.
The awesome writers willing to participated in the events. Thank you, always.
The readers willing to come to each events, I hope you all had a great times. It's a fun and honor to met everyone. My forever gratitude. Thank you.

Until next time, with all my heart, thank you! 💖

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