Monday, April 17, 2017

Terima kasih, Masashi Kishimoto-sensei.

Finally the long volume of Naruto’s stories has ended. I know it has ended for quite some times, yet I just found the time to write about it now. 

Long before the story reached its final, I could already guess how it would end; skipping all details, Sasuke would eventually helped Naruto, and Naruto would finally reach his ultimate goal to be the village Hokage. But, I was surprised that Naruto gets married to Hinata. I really didn’t see it coming, and even though I was hoping Sasuke would finally accepted Sakura’s feeling for him, but their marriage and having a daughter was out of my mind. I really couldn’t imagine Sasuke being a father and called “papa” by his daughter hahahahahaha. 

My honest feeling, I don’t quite like with the end. Why do everyone has to get married? XD The only “couple” I’ve watched within the stories was Shikamaru and Temari. They obviously have something going on, but, Ino and Sai, also Naruto and Hinata? How they could end up together? It’s so awkward for me. ^^ (It still feels awkward even though with the special movie about Naruto and Hinata). 

I do love happy ending, with everyone alive and all happily continue their life. But, somehow I wish it would slightly different in Naruto’s stories. I was hoping it would go in a normal way: Naruto become the Hokage while slowly realizing his feeling was all along truly for Hinata; Sakura would still pursue her feelings to reached Sasuke, whom secretly has grown his feeling for her; those shown on Shikamaru and Temari’s marriage party. I would be happier if the story would end like that … but, that’s only my own wishing. I still feel happy with how it ends … as long as Sasuke is also happy. ^^
One thing I hate about the story was Neji’s death … why, why Neji had to die? I came up with the reason: Neji has to die so Naruto would feel responsible in taking care of Hinata, and he does it by marrying her. *smacked* Also, why Itachi has to die? Is it in order to make Sasuke moves and fight for Konoha? I still couldn’t accept Itachi’s sad destiny. Why he can’t live happily with Sasuke? The two brothers deserved it after all the trouble, sorrow, and pain they have to go through. They were one of my favorite siblings. T^T             

I think, Sasuke was the most unlucky character. Naruto’s stories were sad, but in the end he becomes the village hero, but Sasuke? Sasuke has grown with hatred in his heart, wanting to take revenge on Itachi for killing their parents and slaughtering the entire clan. But, when Sasuke finally confronted Itachi, it was revealed that Itachi did it to protect the village and also to protect Sasuke. Sasuke’s hatred changed towards the village and wanted to destroy it, until he knew the complete stories from the past four Hokage, and finally turned the hatred (again) to the village system and wanting to be a Hokage. Sigh … My sympathies are with you, Basuke*, eh Sasuke …. 

Of course Sasuke was my most favorite character. His handsome, coolness, cold act, genius, strong, with sorrow and dark background, yet secretly has tender heart, were the complete package of reasons why Sasuke was my favorite. XD Also, Sasuke was the one who pulled out Naruto’s inner power. Summary, because there’s Sasuke, Naruto could be so strong. I’m happy the two finally resolved their feelings towards each other.  

My other favorite character was Kakashi, and Orochimaru … XD I like Orochimaru for just being evil from the start, with his interest on Sasuke. But, I really didn’t expect that Orochimaru would be helping Sasuke, and even acts foolishly on the final battle. Though, it made me more liking him. XD     
Naruto’s stories have ended now, and the adventure has continued on to their children. It started with a movie about Naruto’s son, Boruto. I don’t know if I would also follow the new series. I might if Sasuke still in it. I was quite stunned with Boruto declaring that he doesn’t want to be a Hokage, even though his grandfather and father was the Hokage (his reasons were acceptable). Boruto said he wanted to be a shinobi just like Sasuke. I was feeling happy with Boruto’s resolutions that made Sasuke smiling watching him from far. I love seeing Sasuke so loose and smiling in Boruto’s movie (also happy seeing Naruto’s caring for Sasuke and vice versa). I hope I could see more smiling Sasuke. 

I also hope maybe there would be a special movie or OVA about Sasuke and Sakura. I think story about the relationship between the two, until they finally get married and having a daughter will be interesting to watch. Even though there already a special chapter of the story, but I still feel it could be made more details. How a cold person like Sasuke could propose Sakura to get married, it will be so interesting to see, right? ^^ 

It took nearly 15 years for the series, which I started to collect from 2001, to end. I will miss Sasuke so much … Thank you, for finally end the story Masashi Kishimoto-sensei, thank you for creating the story from the start. Terima kasih!  

*Baka Sasuke. ^^

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