Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pilot Project: #CulikPenulis

Megane-kun had new idea for our next promotion project. He came out with an idea after watching a video of doing karaoke inside a moving car. He called it, "Writers on car looking for coffee".

The idea was as simple as the project's name, that is we took a writer and do live interview inside the car while we looked for a coffee shop/cafe and then continue our chit-chat there. To make it more interesting and sound funny, we create another name for the project: #CulikPenulis.

The pilot project has begun yesterday, with a writer living in Bandung. So, we have to drive from Jakarta to Bandung, get the writer, interview him on the car, and then headed to a coffee shop.

The plan project looked simple and very fun to do. All of us were excited. But, as a wise words saying, "we may have the plan, but up above had another plan". 😀

We left office at 10 am. It was quite late. But, we counted it would took 3-4 hours to reached Bandung on weekday. So, we were kinda chilling out. We were wrong ....

For uncertain reasons, the highway was in badly traffic jam. Cars and big trucks were lining still. We get stuck in KM13 from 400 .... 😓

We talk, we laughed, we sang, we ate & drinks, yet we were still getting nowhere. It was added with a repair on the highway, which has been taking so long to be finished. It's not our first, neither second times to Bandung, and the repair still hasn't finished. Eventually with such condition, the project had to be reschedule from 3 pm to 7 pm .... At that point, I terribly sorry to our writer and the viewer whom might have been waiting for the live interview.

We arrived at Bandung on 4 pm, and since the time has been changed, so we could feel ease a bit to reached our meeting point. Another problem occurred ... it was black out at our destination cafe. We decided to look for another cafe to do the live interview, due of getting dark we couldn't do it inside the car. Well, it's an interview about book and publishing, not for horror scene .... 😁

We found one nice cafe called "Black Bone Cafe". The place has a nice design. We don't take many time to get going and prepared everything for the live interview. We started at 7 pm and end it at 8 pm. Personally, I think the live was too rush, and we might be looking tired after the traffic jam horror, the unease feeling because of the reschedule, and the thought we might be in another traffic when we get back to Jakarta ....

After the live interview, we hurried get back. Luckily Bandung night on weekday isn't as traffic as on weekends of long holidays. We went smoothly to the highway. But, as we getting close to Jakarta, as we have predicted it, we get into a traffic .... We talked again, laughed, and sang together, we still have long way to go~

I was grateful there was Raj, our promotion staff, to accompanied Megane-kun while I was sleeping on the back seat. 😁 Since they were both men, sometimes they talked about girls so cheerfully. They forget there's me on the back, listening to their chatting. Well, either they were forget, or that they didn't consider me as a girl ... maybe a half girl .... 😝

We left Bandung on 8 pm and arrived at office on 00.45 am the next day .... 😫

I get to my 3rd brother home, Raj was going home by motorcycle, while Megane-kun stayed at office and left for home in the morning. Megane-kun has give me permission to work half day, so I can have properly rest before taking another (and might be similar trip) on Sunday, which is a long holiday .... 😭

The live interview recording will be upload on office Youtube channel. I never can talk in front of the crowd, yet now there's a recording of me on a live interview ... I feel so embarrassed .... 😀

I hope, everything will be better for our next #CulikPenulis project.

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