Friday, April 07, 2017


Free time!
I finally get a free time~~~~ 😄
After finishing a 400 pages editing, I finally can relaxed a bit.
The scripts were with the authors now, for an editing checking.
I hope my editing will get 100% approval, and there won't be any revisions. 😎
If there's no revisions for the editing, it doesn't mean my work 100% done though.
I still have to assist for the book layout, cover design, and promotional event plans.
Those were the times when my mental being dragged out .... 😣 

But, even though I have 2-3 days this week, it doesn't mean I completely free to do anything.
Ever since Megane-kun switched his seat next to me, I couldn't be ease all the time.
He could talk about works in the sudden. I had to paused a video I was watching to listen to him 😄
His excused to switched seat was because he wanted to be in a "new environment" for getting new ideas. But, I believe it's more likely because his table was so messy that he doesn't want to bother cleaning it ....But, sometimes he makes me uncomfortable. I hope he will back to his own seat sooner or later 😈

As usual, there were many things I wanted to write down. One of it was my failed first attempt on snorkeling. I apologize to people who love the activity, but I really don't like it at all. The failed first attempt will be the last time I will do snorkeling. I won't ever do it again. 😖
It's a story I will tell in the next post. I would write it on this weekend (since I finally have the free time), and post it on Monday.

I really need to make a schedule for posting regularly. 😀

Another thing I wanted to write down was about failing getting L'Arc~en~Ciel live viewing ticket in Jakarta .... 😭

On Sunday, April 9th 2017, there will be a live viewing for L'Arc~en~Ciel 25th Anniversary concert. I couldn't get the ticket since it was sold out within minutes.
It was my "fault" though ...
The ticket selling was opened on Sunday, April 2nd, but since I have works to do, I decide to get the ticket (for me and two friends) on Monday. I would go between works in the morning, or in the evening after work. But, when I checked on twitter, I found out that the ticket was sold out. 😭
I was hoping for the cinema to add more theaters, but seemed it won't happened .... 😭
I always managed to get the ticket for previous events. This will be my first time ever to missed L'Arc~en~Ciel's live viewing .... 😭
When I found out that the ticket was sold out, when I finally realized that I won't be "attending" my number one favorite band anniversary concert ... I looked up to my L'Arc~en~Ciel's posters on the wall, and then I feel ... lost.

"I'm sorry, guys ... I couldn't see you ... I'm very sorry ...."

Even though after it I managed to finished my works, but I still feel lost. I was really feeling down, yet Ni-chan comfort me that it's okay, and maybe it's a sign for us to get prepared for the next big thing from L'Arc~en~Ciel. 😊
(I really hope so).

Next week will be a busy week again.
A new script will be coming on Monday.
Then on Tuesday and Wednesday I gotta go to Bandung for a promotion event.
Ends up the week with big promotion event on Sunday.
I hope everything goes well next week~~  😎

I hope everyone are having great week than mine. 😊

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