Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Confusions result conclusion.

In English:

"Falling in love is a gift, though the journey isn't always beautiful".

Yap. I do agree.
Yet, I will never regret how I fall in love, even though it's end in a different results. 

You, who stands out from the others.
You, who have worked so hard, looking awesome and marvelous than the usual.
You who I admire, who I adore.
But, it's not love.  

It's admiration.

I truly want you to be succeed in everything you do.
I truly want you to be happy.
I truly want to protect you.
As a friend. As a sister. 😌

Thus made the confusions finally result in a conclusion. 😊
I feel relief, I won't be confused any longer. It had creep me out and almost annoyed me. 😁

I do like you. I like your mother. I like your friends. I even like your girlfriend (a sweet and warm girl). But, I know, this feeling isn't love. 😊

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