Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Confusions result conclusion.

In English:

"Falling in love is a gift, though the journey isn't always beautiful".

Yap. I do agree.
Yet, I will never regret that I've fall in love, even though it has to end in the strange way.

You, who stands out from the others.
You, who have worked so hard, looking awesome and marvelous than the usual.
You who I admire, I adore.
But, it's actually not love.  

It's admiration.

I truly want you to be succeed in everything you do.
I truly want you to be happy.
I truly want to protect you.
As a friend. As a sister. 😌

Thus made the confusions finally result in a conclusion. 😊
I feel relief, I won't be confused any longer. It had creep me out and almost annoyed me. 😁

I do like you. I like your mother. I like your friends. I even like your girlfriend (a sweet and warm girl). But, I know, this feeling isn't love. 😊

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