Monday, April 10, 2017

A Trip to Pahawang: a fail attempt of snorkeling.

Two weeks ago, I went to Pahawang with 4 co-workers in an open trip.
We left Jakarta on Friday night, and arriving on Saturday morning.
It's the second time I went to south of Sumatra by land (and sea by taking the ferry to crossed the strait).

To cut the story short, from the dock, we took a boat to our first destination on the trip.
There we were taught how to use the snorkeling equipment.
The first problem came ....

I can't wear my eye-glasses under water ....

Actually it was the second problem. The first was the fact that I couldn't swim ... but my friends assure me that I would be able to easily float in the sea. I still doubt it though. 😁
My friends took their time to taught me how to float, at least, and to breathe underwater. I was supposed to breath with my mouth, through the snorkeling equipment. But, I failed so many times. I kept breathing with my nose. 😅

Damn it! I'm a human! I breathe through my nose!!

Until the time to go on snorkeling, I still couldn't breathe through my mouth. My hearts beats faster as the boat took us to the 1st snorkeling location. With my failure attempts, I decided to stay on board. 😁
No matter how many times my friends, also the other company on the boat, asked me to join them on water, I refused it.

"Come on, it's okay. It's safe."
"You are just panic. Don't worry, you will be fine."
"You missed the fun. You will regret it."
"After coming here, you won't do snorkeling? It's a waste."

After getting those words, also after watching how "safe" the people swimming in the water, I decided to give it a try on the second snorkeling location.
Before that, we were taken to our home stay for the trip. After having lunch, we then went to the second location.

I went into the water, with the help from a friend.
But, I kept going upside down in the water, and since I tightly hold on to my friend, she was also getting dragged down.

"Look into the water." said my friend.

I looked inside the water, to the coral beneath me. But, I instantly get panicked since I was breathing through my nose again. My hands were moving rapidly and I asked my friend to escort me back to the boat. One try was enough for me.

"Are you done? Come on do more!" shouted my friend as I climbed up to the boat.
"No, I had enough. My chest hurt, I couldn't breathe." I said as I'm taking off the snorkeling equipment.

My friend then continues her voyage on the water. While I was sitting on the boat, breathing fresh air into my lungs. I knew it, I'm human, I can't breathe through my mouth!

No, it's not safe. 
No, I'm not "just panic". I'm really PANIC!
No, I won't regret it.
No, it's not a waste.

At least I knew what snorkeling like.
I secretly swore to myself, it will be the first and last time I will do snorkeling.

From the second location, we went to take leisure times on a beach. I feel quite enjoyment there, even though my friends were still talking about my experience snorkeling. I ignore them and went climbing on top of the boat's roof.

"She won't snorkeling, yet she can climbed easily." said my friend. I took that as a compliment. 😊

We spent the evening and night on the home stay. We had dinner and chit-chat with few people from the group. We also had barbecue, even though it was only fish as the menu. I was hoping for crab and squid, but the fish still a satisfaction.

The next day we were off to the final snorkeling location. This time I don't go under water again, and my friends didn't bother to persuaded me. I was glad. 😄
I enjoy myself watching the people swimming and going underwater to look at the corals, which for me looked like a moss (because I didn't wear eye-glasses).

From there we went for another leisure time at another beach. I played with the water for a moment since I couldn't stand with the heat. After we finished, we head back to the dock and wait for our pick up to get back to Jakarta.

It was quite a fun trip. Our groups were fun, cheerful, and funny. But, the thought about the snorkeling still bug me. Even until now, whenever I remember it, how my foot moving aimlessly inside the water, trying to get a ground to stomp; how my heart beats faster, how was I so scared ....

Yap. Snorkeling was indeed a no for me. 😄

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