Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Right eyelid surgery.

After my romantic post, I decided to wrote the story of how I get my right eyelid surgery. 😎

On November 2016, I get a stye on my right eyelid. I thought it was a normal thing that would disappeared in times. I didn't take any medicine, just compress it with warm water. Eventually it got swollen, so I thought it's a normal process, the stye would be healed very soon.

It didn't. 😞

The swollen was gone, but the stye remained as big as a pea. I still didn't go to the doctor. I did took eye ointment, but nothing change. I even restrained myself from having too much of protein, such as egg. I really being thoughtful and careful when eating egg. "When did the last time I eat it?" or "How many egg I've eaten?" 😞

Then on January 2017, I finally went to a doctor, after a new stye was also showing on my left eyelid. It was a general doctor, since I was using BPJS account. The doctor only gave me some pills for the swollen and instructed me to go back if nothing changed. Of course nothing change and of course I got back, but this time directly to an eye specialist.

As soon as the doctor looked at my eyes, he told me to go through a minor surgery on my right eyelid. I asked whether the surgery was needed, and he said the stye has become solid. It couldn't be cured by medicine, while the new stye on the left eyelid could still be treat by medicine. So the doctor quickly prepared everything and the surgery went on. He gave anesthetic on my right eyelid, before operate the stye. It hurts... I meant when I get the anesthetic injection 😀

After it, I didn't know what the doctor was doing with the stye. I could feel his hands moving and could heard his breathe. But, since I closed my eyes tightly, I couldn't tell what he was really doing 😓 I got really intense and repeated saying "don't open your eyes". I also mention "Allah, Kimi, and YOU". I almost giggled, why did I mentioned YOU's name? 😆

After 15 - 20 minutes the surgery ended. The doctor's assistant told me to pressed my hand to my right eye covered with bandage. "So the blood won't rush out." He said. Who isn't panic being told like that? 😓

I was still confused with everything, the surgery, the aching that slowly come, and not able to see with half eye covered with bandage. Not to mention I need to wear eye-glasses to see. How could I wear it with also having the bandage?? Not realizing my condition, the doctor kept talking about the medicines I should take, asking about my work, when I can open the bandage, etc. Too many information in one blow made me confused and forget to asked the main thing... "How and why I could get the stye? Is there any kind of food I shouldn't eat?" I want to eat egg again!! 😞

At the moment, the bandage of course has been opened and I still taking medicines. But it seemed the stye on my left eyelid has getting bigger. I wonder is it a normal thing after taking the medicine? A friend told me to get back to the doctor, but I think I will go after two weeks or more. I hope I don't have to through another surgery... But, if I had to... I wonder will I still mention YOU's name? 😎

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