Monday, January 30, 2017

[Personal Review] The Girl on The Train.

The Girl on The Train was a novel written by Paula Hawkins. 
The story was about Rachel, who has been taking the same train every day. She always enjoyed the trip, passing houses along the railway. She loves watching one peculiar house with the life of the couple in it, whom she named after as “Jess” and “Jason”. She enjoyed watching over the couple, and having her own story (fantasies) about them. Until one day, Rachel –who was an alcoholic- saw something that ruined her image of “Jess”. Since then, Rachel has dragged herself in a mystery that might put her insanity in line. 

The novel writing was quite enjoyable; from the first person point of view, from three different lead woman characters, Rachel, Megan, and Anna. But, honestly, I was bored with half part of the novel. It’s too long, and the characters were also “annoying”. I’d like to scream to Rachel who was always been drunk in the story. Well, I know that’s her character, but it took too much. One thing that made me kept on reading was to see how the mystery revealed, which, later on amused me 😁

The part towards the end was quite exciting and dragged me to continue reading, even though it has passed my sleeping hour 😄 I have been guessing through the half part of the story; making assumptions. But, when the pieces of the puzzle were almost complete, when the connections slowly being cleared … BANG! I really never expect it! I really forget that one character, since he was too usual and seemed normal … I feel amused and tricked at the same time. Is this novel use some kind of mind game? 😲

The reason why I read the novel was the connection with myself who once took the same exact train to office everyday. On one station, I always saw this young scholar girl sitting at the chair platform. Sometimes she was alone, looking at her smartphone screen. Most of the times, she's with her friends. Every time the train reached the station, and my cart stopped in front of her, I would stopped my reading and take a look at her 😎 

She's a pretty girl. When she was staring at her phone, I would be thinking what she was looking at: twitter, Instagram, Path, or her chat with friends? I also have this crazy thinking: "Does she has a boyfriend? With that pretty face, she would have." 😎 

That's why I understand Rachel's feeling on the novel. I feel the same connection 😁 But, now I didn't took that train again, so I never saw the girl again ... Because of this novel, I kinda "miss" the girl ... 😁  

But, after reading this novel, I think I won't be watching the movie. Since, i really don't want to watched those annoying characters on screen 😀

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