Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Hey, 2017!

Ah~~ The start of a new year. Yet, I still feel the same ahahaha~

For me, 2016 (and also the past years) has been like riding a roller-coaster. Even though, I haven't ride the real one for once...
There were ups and downs, happiness and sadness, stressed and depressed, usual stuffs that (probably) also happened to everyone. Just like the feel when you ride a roller-coaster, right? 😃

I'd choose to remember the happiness that has happened through out 2016. Since the sad ones were merely because of my foolish act and stupidity...

  1. Yamada Ryosuke + HSJ
  2. Shadowhunter + Magnus Bane + Harry Shum Jr.
  3. Placebo
  4. Lee Joon Gi
  5. First experience going abroad (to Malaysia) + first time taking an airplane
  6. umi and Sugizo took picture together 💕
  7. Josh Hutcherson
  8. Junichi Okada
  9. Trevor Noah 
Well, that's almost compiled my 2016.

I intended to write about my first experience going abroad, and the first time ever I took an airplane (second if being a 10-days baby count). But, because of my lack knowledge about cellphone, I accidentally erased my notes during the travel. As time goes by, I felt lazy to remember and has forget the details now... 😀 One thing for sure, I still don't like going by airplane.

My ultimate happiness of course when umi and Sugizo took picture (group) together. I know it's a stupid kind of happiness. But, I always wishing it would happen somehow, and when it finally did, I get freaked out like a mad man 😄

Thank you to everyone who has filled my 2016. Hope 2017 will give many more happiness.
Let's cherish every moments and every small happiness. Best of luck!

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