Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"I love reading, more than I love you."

Finally, now I have a "book case" for covering the book whenever I took it to read on my way to office (also wherever I go out).

"I Love Reading More Than I love You" 

I'm sure someone would said to me, "That's why you don't have a boyfriend." 😂
But, I have a more romantic version for the words.

"I love reading more than I love you. But, what I love to read the most, is to 'read' about you."
(aka stalking 😂)

Someone: "Now that's why you still don't have a boyfriend." 😂

Monday, January 30, 2017

[Personal Review] The Girl on The Train.

The Girl on The Train was a novel written by Paula Hawkins. 
The story was about Rachel, who has been taking the same train every day. She always enjoyed the trip, passing houses along the railway. She loves watching one peculiar house with the life of the couple in it, whom she named after as “Jess” and “Jason”. She enjoyed watching over the couple, and having her own story (fantasies) about them. Until one day, Rachel –who was an alcoholic- saw something that ruined her image of “Jess”. Since then, Rachel has dragged herself in a mystery that might put her insanity in line. 

The novel writing was quite enjoyable; from the first person point of view, from three different lead woman characters, Rachel, Megan, and Anna. But, honestly, I was bored with half part of the novel. It’s too long, and the characters were also “annoying”. I’d like to scream to Rachel who was always been drunk in the story. Well, I know that’s her character, but it took too much. One thing that made me kept on reading was to see how the mystery revealed, which, later on amused me 😁

The part towards the end was quite exciting and dragged me to continue reading, even though it has passed my sleeping hour 😄 I have been guessing through the half part of the story; making assumptions. But, when the pieces of the puzzle were almost complete, when the connections slowly being cleared … BANG! I really never expect it! I really forget that one character, since he was too usual and seemed normal … I feel amused and tricked at the same time. Is this novel use some kind of mind game? 😲

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Right eyelid surgery.

After my romantic post, I decided to wrote the story of how I get my right eyelid surgery. 😎

On November 2016, I get a stye on my right eyelid. I thought it was a normal thing that would disappeared in times. I didn't take any medicine, just compress it with warm water. Eventually it got swollen, so I thought it's a normal process, the stye would be healed very soon.

It didn't. 😞

The swollen was gone, but the stye remained as big as a pea. I still didn't go to the doctor. I did took eye ointment, but nothing change. I even restrained myself from having too much of protein, such as egg. I really being thoughtful and careful when eating egg. "When did the last time I eat it?" or "How many egg I've eaten?" 😞

Then on January 2017, I finally went to a doctor, after a new stye was also showing on my left eyelid. It was a general doctor, since I was using BPJS account. The doctor only gave me some pills for the swollen and instructed me to go back if nothing changed. Of course nothing change and of course I got back, but this time directly to an eye specialist.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Your name, is YOU.

Last week I had a small operation on my right eyelid. There's a stye that has been there for almost two months. The doctor said it needs to take a small operation to get rid of it.

The operation took about 15-20 minutes. It was kinda hurt when the doctor injected anesthetic on my right eyelid. After it, I don't feel anything.

During the operation, I keep repeating "don't open your eyes" in my heart. I also mentioned Allah, Kimi, and... YOUR name. 

"How could it be?" I asked to myself.

It seemed that YOU have become important for my life.

Even though YOU will never realize it.

As always.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Hey, 2017!

Ah~~ The start of a new year. Yet, I still feel the same ahahaha~

For me, 2016 (and also the past years) has been like riding a roller-coaster. Even though, I haven't ride the real one for once...
There were ups and downs, happiness and sadness, stressed and depressed, usual stuffs that (probably) also happened to everyone. Just like the feel when you ride a roller-coaster, right? 😃

I'd choose to remember the happiness that has happened through out 2016. Since the sad ones were merely because of my foolish act and stupidity...