Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I can fool my age, but not with my body,

I can't drink coffee.

If I insisted to drink it, later on my stomach would be growling; I would feel restless, couldn't take deep breathe. and couldn't sleep at night.

At first, I only had the problem when I drink black coffee. Slowly, it also happened with coffee milk and white coffee. Even though the last one branded itself as "safe for stomach", but not with mine...
Since then I avoided coffee as my drink. When meeting a friend or colleague in a coffee shop, I would order Matcha or chocolate. It might be weird going to a coffee shop but not ordering coffee. But, it's safer for me. I don't want to spend a day feeling restless and couldn't breathe properly.

Do I have a heart problem?

My parents both died because of an heart attack. My third brother had three rings implanted to his heart. My sister told me to checked out my heart conditions. But my doctor said my heart's condition was 98%, due to the used from I was born.

But, that was from 4 years ago. I haven't checked it back since then...

Now I have the same "symptoms" after I drink "Teh Tarik". It's a mixed of tea and milk. But it gave the same feeling as when I drink coffee. Drink it twice and I decided to write off "Teh Tarik" from my list of drinks.

Maybe I would be fine if it's from another brand, since there's no problem before whenever I drink "Teh Tarik". So why now I'm feeling different? Still, I won't challenge myself though. I really can't stand with the after effect...

The answer would probably because I'm getting old...

Maybe, yes. My soul could stay as young as a kindergarten kid, but not with my body. It will be getting older and worn out someday. It's the process of life that no one could avoid. Maybe that's why at first I couldn't drink coffee and now "Teh Tarik". What will come next?

Now I have limited options that I could drink daily. Tea, matcha, and of course mineral water. Yeah, mineral water is the right and have to be the number one options.

Always take care your health, people~

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