Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Write & Publish" : A Short Visit to Padang.

I went to Padang on 19 and 20 November 2016, as one of the speakers for “Write & Publish” event. I was so nervous, since I represent my company (that’s quite a responsibility), also I always feel uncomfortable whenever speaking in front of the crowd… I hope I didn’t mislead anyone with my explanations 😁

It’s my second time in Padang. The first one was when me and family spending a night in the city on our way to Father’s birth town. Both times were short visits. Yet, I did have fun there.   

Day one, I watched sunset at Pantai Padang. I always love the sea, and was quite surprised there’s a beach near the city. Then I continued to Jembatan Siti Nurbaya, having Pisang Bakar and Jagung Bakar as watched the sun slowly went down. In the night, I tried “Milkop”, or Milo Kopi, it’s a mix of milk and coffee. I knew I shouldn’t try it since its contained coffee. The result, I feel anxious on the next day… In front of the Milkop’s stall, there’s a monastery. I didn’t know the name, but we were allowed to take some pictures inside its yard. Of course we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the monastery. I heard terrible story about one clash happening close to the monastery. It made me sick and kind of embarrassed to have short-tempered people as adherents of the same religion… Why we can’t live in peace, and let anger control us? Jeez…

Day two in Padang, I become one of the speakers in the event, in the middle between two great writers. They shared interesting conversations that made me realize how I was lacking in reading books  😁

After the event, we went to have lunch near another beach (I didn’t know the name either). The seafood was delicious! I could have more if I don’t remember I had a flight to get through in the afternoon. It won’t do me good to have stomach ache during the flight…  

I tried one local dish called Langkitang. To be simple, it’s a sea snail. The way to eat it is by sucking it from the edge of its shell. I was kind of hesitant to eat it, since I have weak stomach, especially when I was on trip. But, since I got challenged, so I forced myself to eat one, then two, three, and… I’ve come to like it! It’s delicious, and not as gross as I had imagined 😁

The flight home wasn’t as smooth as I’ve wished it. The weather was cloudy, and then we were caught in heavy rain up in the sky, making the plane shaking several times. I tried to distract my attention with watching movies, chatting with my writer, even eating. Yet, nothing made me calm. As the plane safely landed, I become even sure that I don’t like to fly. I don’t have fear of heights, I’m not afraid of flying, I just don’t feel comfortable, and would rather have my feet touching the ground. 

It was also my first time to be flying solo, taking care of everything all by myself. It’s an unforgettable experience, yet I don’t want to repeat in close time… 

I hope someday, I would visit Padang again, not only short visit, and with a better weather 😁 
Thank you for the hospitality! 

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