Friday, November 04, 2016

"I wish you were here." and inspiration for a story.

Inspirations can come from anywhere, include from unusual activities, like while doing laundry or getting squeezed inside rush hour train in the morning.

Lately I've been listening to one song, "I wish you were here." from TRUSTRICK's new album TRICK. Main reason because Sugizo as guest violinist, and his violin's play sounds so beautiful~
While listening to the song, my mind writes an alternate scene taken from a story I've also been writing in my mind. (I've only write it on my mind, since I always get blank whenever I want to write it on my laptop or note book).

Anyway, the alternate scene was about two lover who has been betrothed since childhood. Let's called them H and M. M's family is one of the wealthy family with thousand of years lineage history, and he will become the future family leader. Since there's changing in the family's system, it caused H and M engagement get cancelled and M had to married someone else, which is L.

Even though H and M has been betrothed, but they truly loved each other. While L only wanted to married M for her own benefits, being the wife of the future family leader.

M accepted the situation, but after he made eveythings clear with L.

M: "I will marry you. I will make you the mother of my children. But, the true one lies deep in my heart will be only H. I will live with that, and so are you."

L then went to H, to make her feel miserable.

L: "I will be married to him, I will become his wife, the mother of his children..."
H: "But, the truly one that he always loves will be me."

H said the same thing to her becoming husband, that made her being abused within their marriage. Several years later, H passed away. H's brother forbid M to send his farewell to H, saying that though M loved H but he has done nothing to saved her.

M: "You all knew how deeply I love her, yet you separate us. My love for her will never end with her gone away. I will continue loving her till the day we will get back together." 

L knew, though she has giving birth to M's successor, though she has become the wife and soon be the head lady, she will never get M's love.

M finally died of age while still loving H, making his daughter hating him so much for abandoning and not caring for her mother.

Her older brother said,

"Don't blame him. He has been honest about his feelings for mother from the very beginning. In his entire life time, has he ever abandoned us? Has he ever forget his role as our father, also as the family leader? Has he ever not cared about us? I asked you not to blame him for having the feeling. It's the only thing that made him keep on living." 

And I live it there. Since it's getting abusive for the characters and I don't know how else I would continue the story... Also since I have to get off from the train hehehe

Above story won't written as a real story though. It's just an alternate story that crossed my mind.

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