Monday, October 03, 2016

Turned? Nah!

I thought I was crazy when decided to get Lee Joon Gi’s music album. Since obviously he isn’t on my to-get list. I also thought I was crazy enough when I bought one of his albums from another part of the world… But after the package came and unwrapped it… Damn… It’s really worth to get. No regret at all ^^

I bought Lee Joon Gi’s Deucer mini album (Japanese version) from ebay. It’s 2012 album and consists of a CD, a DVD, and a photography book. The CD consists of 9 tracks; six songs and three instrumentals. The songs are: Together (Japanese and Korean versions), The Rain (Japanese and Korean versions), Born Again, and Sweet Memory. The DVD is about the making of the album (now I know how a recording goes ^^), the dance rehearsal, and the session for photography book. The DVD is in Korean language with Japanese subtitle… I’m so clueless… ^^; I might understand a bit if Joon Gi talked in Japanese (he indeed can talk Japanese); I could understand some words, even though not a full sentences. (It reminds me that I ought to learn Japanese again). Even so, I still enjoy watching Joon Gi’s smiling, laughing, and talking. I really like his voice; deep and heavy, manly voice! ^^

When I watched the DVD, Sister questioned since when I "turned" to Korean music? I said only him (Lee Joon Gi). She asked again, why? I said (obviously) because he's a great actor, and I love his voice. And just before I explained about Joon Gi, Sister watched when he was doing a recording, and she asked, "Is he a dancer?" Wow... Sister could know only by a single look. Bravo, Sister! 

The friend who has helped me getting the album also asked the same, "Korean now, no longer Japanese music?"

It giggles me when someone thinks I was out of the usual, by listening to Korean. Actually I have known and listen to Joon Gi since his J Style album. But, after that I "lost contact" about him and just reconnected now. It's not a surprised for me to listening ti him again (what made myself surprised is that I've gone as far as getting his albums ^^).

Now, I'm in wait for two more Jonn Gi's CD to arrive. Sister and Brother might smacked me in the head if they knew how much I've spent for the obsessions. Hey, they don't have to know, right? Huehehehe

Anyway, can someone help translating Joon Gi's message? ^^


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