Thursday, October 13, 2016

since i RE:MADE

Yuh (vistlip) new side project.

since i RE:MADE

Quite long name to spell ^^

I haven't know anything about the project. All I know the band will start their activities aka live on 6 November 2016. Yuh will be playing on guitar and probably without...make up. Really, Yuh? No make up at all???? O_O I'd like to see that, since I called Yuh as the prettiest among the members huehehehe

Then now all members of vistlip has their own side project, huh?
 tomo and rui have formed their duo project with Lill.
umi and Tohya once in a while joining/perform with other bands.
Yuh with since i RE:MADE.

To be honest, I don't quite fond with side projects. I understand every member have their own personal pursuit, liking, ego, etc, that they can't do inside one band. L'Arc~en~Ciel is the example, as well as Luna Sea. Even so, I still prefer to see them all together in one band, BUT! I won't hate them because of their side projects. I won't complained to their official account, demanding them to be back in one band again (I will just do it on my blog). I will keep supporting them! I will be waiting patiently, like a good kid ^^

Good luck for Yuh with his new projects. Hope it would advance his musical ability more and more~ Best of luck, Yuh! 

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