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Japan Visual Summit 2016 Day 3 Live Viewing in Indonesia.

Just a week before the event, my small world of Japanese music was in chaotic over the announcement of Japan Visual Summit 2016 live viewing. Even more, Indonesia got Day 3 live viewing.

Familiar names who will performed on Day 3 are:

X Japan
Luna Sea
vistlip (!!!!!!)

Can you imagine how I was freaking out after the live viewing announcement? I even already imagine watching vistlip's performance on the big screen, together with people who might haven't known them. The chance to watched one of the love in my life, even though it wasn't a live performance.

You see, I'm really excited when I knew vistlip would be in the same day performance as Angelo, X Japan, Luna Sea, and Versailles. I had this wish of umi to be able to meet Sugizo and Kirito. Yet, they might performed together. It would become a short heaven on earth for me ^^ Indonesia get to live viewing Day 3, what would be more awesome than that? I thought I was in Seventh Heaven hehehe

On the first day of ticket sales, I asked permission from office and quickly to the theater in the middle of the rain hahaha I was wet and cold, but smile was all over my face as I bought two tickets for me and Ni-chan. I get home smiling, thinking I would saw umi on the screen. 

But, things were really too good to be true...

The live viewing would only shown selected artists, only 4 hours before the end, and it could be a recorded or a live performance. At this point, I pray deep that vistlip would get selected. I don't mind if their performance was recorded, as long as I can watched and cheered for them. Yet, my wish doesn't came true...

vistlip's performance was on 15:30 JST, it's 13:30 Jakarta's time. While the live viewing would start on 15:00 Jakarta's time... Impossible for me to watched the performance then... Visual Japan Summit account later on released the list of artist that would get recorded and live performance for Indonesia: MUCC, Golden Bomber, Luna Sea will get recorded, while live performance for X Japan.

I was really hopeless and down...

I know MUCC and Golden Bomber. I have two MUCC's CDs and has heard about Golden Bomber. I like Luna Sea and X Japan. I've been to Luna Sea's official live viewing, and a fan's live viewing for X Japan. But... I just really really wanted to watched vistlip... T^T

Ni-chan said maybe miracle would happen, don't lose my believe. I said yes, but deep inside I was already disappointed. I couldn't hide it since Ni-chan seemed to realize it hehehe

On the live viewing day, I wore t-shirt with vistlip's name on the chest. Sister who saw it thought I would be watching vistlip. I only said "I wish" as the answer. Arriving at the studio, I saw group of people wearing Luna Sea's official t-shirt. I wonder did they noticed I was wearing completely different. A band that didn't get live viewing... I tried to enjoy the live viewing. I should be happy because I could watched Sugizo. With the thought, the live viewing started... Then...

I really enjoyed the live viewing!

That's my real impressions! Hahahaha

MUCC was fun! I don't recognize their songs, but their performance was fun! I could enjoy the music. At their last songs for the event, came on stage... ken-chan~~ (L'Arc~en~Ciel). I instantly freaking out and clapping for the happy surprised XD

Golden Bomber was... CRAZY!! Hahahaha They were like visual kei comedian! They made me laugh from the beginning of their performance. They did a parody of X Japan. The only member that I remembered the name was Kenji, the drummed. He did a cosplay as Yoshiki! The entire studio were all laughing. More over when the real Yoshiki (who I thought it was Kenji wearing a mask and a white long coat) came and took the drums. Yoshiki also seemed to enjoy the crazy atmosphere created by Golden Bomber.

Luna Sea was as amazing as always. Sugizo was as awesome as always. I really enjoyed their performance, even though I was hoping for a more epic scene between Sugizo and Ryuichi in "I For You" hehehe 

X Japan was also as awesome as always. It's entertaining watching Yoshiki teased Toshi during his MC hehehe Toshi was about to talk when Yoshiki played the piano and made Toshi sings along. It happened for three times hahaha Sugizo was so majestic when he played the violin (and made me screeching on my chair). Their performances was so powerful that seemed made the members exhausted ^^ Sugizo even laid down on the stairs (I was really surprised watching it).

Alert: the later post is fully from a fan girl point of view.

After X Japan, there's one more performance. The time has shown 8 pm (Jakarta's time). We got extension live viewing~~ One by one, the performer of the day were being called to the stage... I get freaked out as I seen Kirito and Kamijo coming to the stage. Then... vistlip. They also coming to the stage!!! Tohya! rui! and Yuh!! They wear new suits for their up coming single release, "Snowman"!

Whoaaaa!!! I was really freaking out on my seat. I don't know how the person beside me would think, I was screaming and waving to the screen, at the familiar faces there. Kirito stood still, looking shy, lost, and alone. I almost screamed "Go look for Karyu!!" XD Kamijo was so confidence! Hahaha He quickly introduced himself, with a wide smile, when he was offered the microphone, while Kirito was looking shy. 

All performers were singing and play the instrument together (Shinya of Luna Sea was the only one on drums). I cheered to the faces shown on the screen: Kamijo, Kirito, Teru (Versailles), Hizaki, Masashi, Tohya, Yuh, rui, tomo... Even Kamijo sings along with Ryuichi and Toshi, while Kirito doing it quietly at the back ^^

In the same time, I was still looking for umi... I thought maybe he would play guitar, just like Sugizo (the thought made me screeching again).

After performing two songs, all performers gathered at the center of stage to take picture together... I still can spotted everyone from the screen, but still no umi... I started to feel depressed again... ^^;;

Then... there he was...
Kenji (Golden Bomber) who was only wearing black underwear, walked at the stage, while someone, holding a big flag was awkwardly looking at him. The person was... umi.


Ni-chan said how could I didn't see him, since he was wearing white. Well, Toshi and Kirito also wears white, so... please forgive my excuse huehehehe

Finally I saw umi! I was screeching again on my seat, shaking with happiness. umi was cozily walked at the stage when he joined a picture session with... Sugizo. It's not only the two of them,, but of four people, BUT! There's umi and Sugizo in the same picture!!! (I can't breathe even as I write this...)
After taking the picture, Sugizo turned around, seemingly saying thank you, umi was nodding and smiling sweetly at him. I was dying in the studio... I still can remember that scene, and umi's sweet look to Sugizo... I'm smiling every time I close my eyes and remember it...

I went home with a wide smile on the face. Ni-chan was also feeling happy for our dreams have become true. Ni-chan's always wishing for a collaboration between Yoshiki and Hyde. It did happened on day 2, even though we didn't get the live viewing. My dream have become true as umi took picture with Sugizo, even though not only the two of them. Hopefully, later on, in the future, there would be a chance for umi and Sugizo to play music together. Amin!!! ^^

The result of the picture can be seen here. There were also many other pictures, umi and other performers from the event on the blog. Thank you for taking the picture and for posting it, George-san! ^^

Someone asked on twiter, "Is it worth it to watch the live viewing?"
For a 6 hours live viewing and a glance of umi and Sugizo together...? It's really worth it!! X3

Can you spotted where's umi? Hints: he's way on the corner X3

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