Thursday, October 20, 2016

Japan Visual Summit 2016 Day 3 Live Viewing in Indonesia.

Just a week before the event, my small world of Japanese music was in chaotic over the announcement of Japan Visual Summit 2016 live viewing. Even more, Indonesia got Day 3 live viewing.

Familiar names who will performed on Day 3 are:

X Japan
Luna Sea
vistlip (!!!!!!)

Can you imagine how I was freaking out after the live viewing announcement? I even already imagine watching vistlip's performance on the big screen, together with people who might haven't known them. The chance to watched one of the love in my life, even though it wasn't a live performance.

You see, I'm really excited when I knew vistlip would be in the same day performance as Angelo, X Japan, Luna Sea, and Versailles. I had this wish of umi to be able to meet Sugizo and Kirito. Yet, they might performed together. It would become a short heaven on earth for me ^^ Indonesia get to live viewing Day 3, what would be more awesome than that? I thought I was in Seventh Heaven hehehe

On the first day of ticket sales, I asked permission from office and quickly to the theater in the middle of the rain hahaha I was wet and cold, but smile was all over my face as I bought two tickets for me and Ni-chan. I get home smiling, thinking I would saw umi on the screen. 

But, things were really too good to be true...

Monday, October 03, 2016

Turned? Nah!

I thought I was crazy when decided to get Lee Joon Gi’s music album. Since obviously he isn’t on my to-get list. I also thought I was crazy enough when I bought one of his albums from another part of the world… But after the package came and unwrapped it… Damn… It’s really worth to get. No regret at all ^^