Thursday, September 08, 2016

Still with my nostalgia: Lee Jun Ki.

Since I don't have many works at the moment, so I can (randomly) write here hehehe

Actually... I have to decide a title for an up coming releasing book (I work as an editor), but I haven't find any good one.
I've proposed some titles, yesterday I proposed seven titles and none get to be choose... Orz
Today, I proposed some other titles, but again none get choose... Makes me bored now hehehe even though the deadline already passed... *depressed*

Then Megane-kun (my chief) said, "Hey, you don't have new works to do at the moment, right? So you could handle one promotion event,"

He asked as if I could replied, "No, I'm busy with my fan girl's life, so I don't want to do any works, especially any promotion event."

I surely can't ^^;;;

Well, it's one of the exciting things to do in the field of works. Doing different and new things. But... again... I'm kinda "busy" (and lazy) at the moment hehehe

By the way, I'm still in my nostalgia mood with Lee Jun Ki. I watched his old drama series and become more and more sure that one of his specialty is...crying scenes... ^^;;;;;

Not that I don't like it... Somehow it's interesting to see man's crying, showing their weak side, that men are also human with weak sides, feeling pain, hurt, and therefore it's okay to cry.

I also just found out that Jun Ki played in a Chinese movie, and one question that quickly popped out from my head, "Is he going to cry again?"
The answer is of course YES! Hahaha!
I got to prepared my heart and many tissues before watching the movie, "Never Said Goodbye". The title already made me depressed... ^^;

Since I've mentioned that I'm still in my nostalgia mood, I started to listen to Jun Ki's songs~ But to be honest, I still couldn't mesmerized his vocals ^^; I couldn't recognize is it Jun Ki singing or someone else hehehe He has different kind of voices, while he's talking, singing, and acting in a drama. I like his voice when he's just talking though. His voice sounds mature, manly, and deep hahaha

But, it's so hard to found his songs on the internet hehehe Many links were dead... What's going on?? >.<
I'm grateful I could still get his latest album, "Exhale". The type I wanted was already out of print though *crying*, so I just have to satisfied myself with what I could get (from the online store and internet hehehe). Now I'm waiting for the order to arrived... This obsession is scary... ^^;;;;

Anyway, my mood right now is perfectly resembled by the picture...

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