Friday, September 02, 2016

My Nostlagia: Lee Jun Ki.

One day, my friend Ni-chan told me about a new Korean drama series that she wanted to watched. It's "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo", starring Lee Joon Gi (or Lee Jun Ki). I instantly remember about that "cat's eyes" actor.

"How he has been???????"

I do have interest in Lee Joon Gi works. I know he's a great actor. But, I have to admit that I barely watched any of his works after "Iljimae". I even haven't finished watching the series XD

What kind of fan am I...??????? Orz

But, seeing Lee Joon Gi now... His look has changed so much! He gets so skinny >.<
I didn't noticed it when I watched "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo", with his long hair and thick outfit. Then I saw him on Running Man episode 314... I get freaked out and quickly told Ni-chan about it. Then both of us freaking out hahaha



Since when he's become skinny like that?? O_O

Well, Lee Joon Gi seemed happy with his appearance, so does his fans. So, I guess I'll just leave it that way ^^ (even so, in my heart I wish he would gain more weight after the series shooting ends).

When I knew that "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo" is an historical drama (based on Chinese story), I loosing a bit the urge to watched it ^^ Since I'm actually not a fan of that kind of drama, even if Joon Gi was casting in it. One of the reason is I couldn't see the actors face clearly with the traditional outfit hehehe

Also, I was kind of worried it might be a teary drama, since I noticed Joon Gi has been playing character who suffered and cried, in the dramas he has played. Well, he hasn't cried in the last 3 episodes of "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo", but his character indeed suffering... It's the matter of time until he gets to cry (and me too...).

Even so... I think I'll keep on watching the series for now... I might drop it when it gets confusing with triangle loves... ^^
Until then, I'll enjoy the "cat's eyes" beautiful look~

Please tell me, as time goes the years... How could someone become that beautiful?? >w<

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