Thursday, September 08, 2016

Still with my nostalgia: Lee Jun Ki.

Since I don't have many works at the moment, so I can (randomly) write here hehehe

Actually... I have to decide a title for an up coming releasing book (I work as an editor), but I haven't find any good one.
I've proposed some titles, yesterday I proposed seven titles and none get to be choose... Orz
Today, I proposed some other titles, but again none get choose... Makes me bored now hehehe even though the deadline already passed... *depressed*

Then Megane-kun (my chief) said, "Hey, you don't have new works to do at the moment, right? So you could handle one promotion event,"

He asked as if I could replied, "No, I'm busy with my fan girl's life, so I don't want to do any works, especially any promotion event."

I surely can't ^^;;;

Well, it's one of the exciting things to do in the field of works. Doing different and new things. But... again... I'm kinda "busy" (and lazy) at the moment hehehe

Friday, September 02, 2016

My Nostlagia: Lee Jun Ki.

One day, my friend Ni-chan told me about a new Korean drama series that she wanted to watched. It's "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo", starring Lee Joon Gi (or Lee Jun Ki). I instantly remember about that "cat's eyes" actor.

"How he has been???????"

I do have interest in Lee Joon Gi works. I know he's a great actor. But, I have to admit that I barely watched any of his works after "Iljimae". I even haven't finished watching the series XD

What kind of fan am I...??????? Orz

But, seeing Lee Joon Gi now... His look has changed so much! He gets so skinny >.<
I didn't noticed it when I watched "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo", with his long hair and thick outfit. Then I saw him on Running Man episode 314... I get freaked out and quickly told Ni-chan about it. Then both of us freaking out hahaha