Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thank you, Rio. And, I'm so sorry...

Yesterday, through their twitter and facebook account, Manor Racing has informed Rio Haryanto's future status with the team. For the rest of 2016 season, Rio will be no longer racing for Manor because of the lack of funds, and was offered to be reserve driver. His position will be replaced by Esteban Ocon.

Today, Rio has confirmed it.
(And my heart hurts as I read replies for him...)

I'm sad to hear that.

I admit, I haven't properly shown my support for Rio during his races, that mostly are for Kimi, but my heart does support him.

I feel proud and happy as Rio is the very first Indonesian who race in F1. It's quite an achievement that we might won't have in the near future. (or even further?)

I'm also feel proud and happy with how people has recognized Rio as a "nice guy and quick". It's his first doing in F1, but so far he doesn't made any clumsy mistakes. He didn't stupidly crashed or "upsetting" senior drivers or any other driver. He's pretty good handling his tires. Most positive points, he's always smiling brightly. Even the legendary Damon Hill shows his support for Rio's future. Rio has indeed did a great job on his first F1 experience. But, funds or sponsorship is indeed fundamental in F1. Kimi has experienced that once, and it's a bitter one as I would remember.

I do believe it's not the end of Rio. He will be back. It might took long, but he will definitely be back. I hope there will be people that recognized his talent and hard work, and willing to financially support him. Rio deserves another chance.

I'm so sorry, Rio. I'm sorry we couldn't do more for you, as you were working so hard out there, on the track, on every race. But, I believe it's no one's fault and it's absolutely not your fault. You have done a great job!

Thank you, Rio. You are our proud!

Don't ever give up. Don't lose the faith.
Keep on fighting, keep on believing, keep on doing your best.
Until the next chance, the next challenge, we will always support you! FIGHT!  

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