Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Pokemon GO!


Long time ago, when Candy Crush was booming, and everyone seemed playing it, during work, lunch break, inside crowded train, I didn't join the euphoria.

I'm just not too interested in game, any kind of game.
I'm not fond to stared too long at the screen. It hurts my eyes.

So, when everyone all together playing Pokemon GO, I didn't joined the cheer either hehehe

I have the game on my cell phone, just because a friend installed it so she can play it. At the time, the game hasn't been compatible for her phone. After that, she plays with her own phone, and mine was left rusty hehehe
I've been reading the good and bad side effect of Pokemon GO. It's on every social media. I have no objection with people playing it, just as long as they don't stand in my way when I was walking. I don't like ignorant people blocking my way by doing things that they can do on the side walk, like texting, chatting, receiving phone call, playing game, or watching videos... Can you just do the last one at home???

But, I did experienced one Pokemon GO effect...

In our office room, Megane-kun was the only one playing it. My seat was across him, with no barriers what so ever between us, so he can clearly saw me when I was sleepy and yawning, and the way another. Let me draw a (very) simple look of the office table.

One day, Megane-kun suddenly standing from his seat, seriously holding his cell phone, and quickly gets out from the room. I was thinking maybe he gets serious and important message about work, or about his early pregnant wife. I was worried and curious, when he gets back with smiling face and said,

"I got one!!"


"Pokemon?" I asked.
"Yes!" He said. The entire room laughed watching Megane-kun foolish act just because of a game.

Then on another day, Megane-kun screamed out loud again, made coworker D turned at him in surprised. I said to him, with my eyes still on my laptop screen, "Pokemon."

These has happened several times, and we have been used with Megane-kun's sudden cheer. At first we would be laughing, or shaking our head in disbelieved.

"Yeah, come on, come to Papa~~~~" Megane-kun said cheerfully, while looking at his cell phone.

Now, we just ignored him hahaha 

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