Friday, August 05, 2016

New releases,

I get excited since yesterday. There will be lots of release in the up coming month! 

Angelo, will released new album on September 28th. The title is "Cord". It's been a while I haven't catch up with the band, and the newest info I get now is that they are releasing new album, without releasing any single before. I like that very much. Fufufu.

Sekai no Owari will also released new single on September 28th, called "Hey Ho". I think it's a single. I get the news from a local online store, and the price showed a price for a single not an album. But, I haven't seen news about the release from Sekaowa's official account, neither from any fans. So, I'm still blank about this...

The last news I get is from Placebo. Placebo's Indonesia fan base tweeted about new album and EP release from Placebo. Set to be released on October 7th, 2016.

The album, A Place For Us To Dream, will be released in various variations. While the EP, Life's What You Make It, will be release in limited edition Springtime Green & Black Vinyl (I really don't know what that mean...), and digital download. I do hope the album will get an Indonesian version album. Perfect time since I've been catching up with them again nurufufufufu~

Tetsuya will also finally released his new single on September. While don't forget, Sugizo will also be starting his three new digital single releases starting this August. I hope they could be bought not only on iTunes, but also Amazon. It would be a pain for me to get it from iTunes...since I don't use it hehehe.  

Good luck for the releases~ ^O^/

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