Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dreams come true!

Last week, I think, I tweeted about how I miss vistlip so much.
The feeling just came out of nowhere.
I still listen to their songs, watched their videos, and the members were still updating on twitter (except for tomo, I wonder will he ever come back to twitter?).

I wonder will there be new songs from the five barkin's animals? Will there be new album? I know they are still busy with live performances and not releasing things mean they are resting after so many works. I do want them to rest well.

But, I just miss them.

Then the news come...

vistlip will participated in Visual Japan Summit 2016! Their performance day are on October 16th 2016, together with my other favorite band: X Japan, Luna Sea, Angelo, and Versailles.

I completely freaking out!
vistlip will (maybe) perform together with X Japan, Luna Sea, Angelo, and Versailles!! All together!! (probably). I'm happy and in tears. I'm proud of vistlip!

I've been wishing for Sugizo to invite umi and Yuh to his special guitarist meeting. As for Kirito, I heard that he's good with cooking, so I wishing he could meet with umi who's also good in cooking hehehe once I even wrote a fan fiction about umi and Kirito who's a nephew and uncle hahaha 

My wish have become trueee!!!
Even though not completely in the way I've wanted, but it's better!
Hope to see many pictures and videos together, please!!

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