Friday, July 29, 2016


July is my favorite month.
Not only because it's the month of my birth. But, there also birthdays and celebration of things important for my life.
Friends and family members birthday, that mean free dinner treat! ^^v

vistlip's 9th years anniversary. Keep on barking, animals! ^^

umi's birthday. He had a celebration during their joint live, and looking very happy and all smiling. He has scary look, but with a very sweet smile~~~

SUGIZO's birthday. No information so far about his birthday celebration, but he tweeted about coming back from Indonesia... When I knew about it, I really freaked out and somehow feeling annoyed... His tweet was few days after Inoran spent some days in Jakarta (a friend on twitter catch up with Inoran, meeting, talking, and get a two shoot picture with him). That time I wondering if Sugizo would also come secretly to Indonesia. He has...and without a trace... I don't know what the two were doing in Jakarta/Indonesia. The friend said Inoran was on holidays, but we think he might be here for doing a survey, either for himself or for Luna Sea. With Sugizo also secretly come, our assumptions seemed getting to be real hehehe

I will always love July, it's also one of the element for my name. Seven is also my favorite number, and the same number Kimi used in F1. If I'm not mistaken, Kimi choose the number himself? Then, how can I not loving the month? Fufufufu ^^ 

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