Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy Eid Mubarak!

I know it's kind of late to say it now, but since I've just get back to work after the long holiday, so please bear me out hehehe.


May our prayers and good deeds through the Ramadhan will get positive feedback for us and everyone around.

One thing that I realized during the Ramadhan was... I am the devil itself.

There was one "tale" for Ramadhan, that is on that time, the devils were all locked away, to give the chance for human to do their prayers and good deeds. If the people still do bad during the holy month, while the devils were being locked away, then the devil is indeed the human itself.

The devil is me.

I still have negative minds, and doing negative things.
Still be lazy at work, with the excused of Ramadhan.
My plans for Ramadhan were consecutively failed to achieved... 

I don't feel gained any victory, even though people said Idul Fitri is the day of victory after the Ramadhan...

So I know, that the fight against the devil aka myself, will shall continues on...

There were two other celebrations on the same week of Idul Fitri.

vistlip's 9 years anniversary.
SUGIZO's birthday.

I'm very proud that vistlip could get to 9 years of activity. I hope they will keep going till many years to come. And, I hope I will could still support them in anyway that I can.

I wish happiness, strength, and healthy for SUGIZO. Hope his projects -releasing digital singles consecutively, an album, a tour- will all goes well and may he will be strong and happy through all the process.

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