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Transferring stories: KAORU

I'm thinking to transferring to this blog, the stories (mostly fan fiction) I've wrote on wattpad. Since I found that it required readers to log in to read complete story.
I will transferred it one by one though. Randomly.

I will start with: KAORU.
I've spoke about it before. A story based on the feeling when I listen to Versailles's, "Created Beauty".
But, it's not a  fan fiction. The characters AREN'T the member of Versailles.
Actually, the story is a part from long writings I've been delaying to continue...

Well, with no further chit-chat, enjoy!
. . .

“It's you again,” sighed Riki at the girl in white dress to her knees. The girl was eating an apple. She turned to Riki.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like me here?” asked her with sharp looking look.
“Mm…” mumble Riki. He puts down the brown shopping bag at the kitchen table.
“This is your groceries,” told Riki to a guy wearing an apron. He’s mixing something at the pan on the stove. The guy turned around and smile.
“Okay, thanks,” Riki walked out from the kitchen. The girl followed him.
“Where are you going?” asked Riki. The girl stills.
“I want to see Kimi,”
“Don’t bother him. Kimi doesn’t like to be bother when he’s reading,” 
“I won’t bother him. I want to read too,” the girl showed her tongue to Riki before running away. Her steps were so light, making her looked like floating.
“Hey! Don’t run inside the house!” scold Riki.
“You sound like her father,” said Hirokazu, the apron guy.
“I’m just kidding. You are like a father to all of us,” Hirokazu laughed and quickly get back to the kitchen. Riki doesn’t feel to reply him. He looked at the direction where the girl was heading and took a short sigh.

The girl’s name is Kaoru. She suddenly came to the house with Abe, the house owner. Without saying anything, Abe let Kaoru to explore the house and met the house members who were all boys. When Riki demanded an explanation, Abe just answered it shortly,

“Let her be,”

“Well, I understand the reason though,” mumble Riki.

Riki went to second floor. He heard cheerful laughter. On the second floor, Riki saw Kimi who was reading a book while listening to music by his big headphones. He seemed didn’t feel bother with the cheerful laughter coming from Kaoru and Tohru. Both were playing video games.

“I thought you were reading,” said Riki passing away. Kaoru watched Riki until he enters his room. She pull her tongue at him again.

Riki wanted to continue his work that was interfered before when Hirokazu asked him to do shopping. He’s looking at the wooden clock he was trying to repair.
“Still repairing the clock?” asked Kaoru coming closer.
“It’s broken, it can’t be repaired. Just throw it away,”
“It still can be repair,” said Riki without looking away from the clock in front of him. Actually the work to repair the clock has taken much more time than he has expected. Riki was about to work, he took a screwdriver, but suddenly Kaoru took it away.
“I’ve told you to throw it away! It’s useless! The clock is broken! It can’t be repair!” shouted Kaoru. Riki was staring at her. Kaoru breathed in rush. She tightly held the tool to her chest.
“Kaoru,” called Riki gently. Kaoru looked at him in guard. Riki gives his hand, asking for the tool. Kaoru was just looking at him.
“You won’t know if you don’t try to repair it,” said Riki.
“If you still can’t?” asked Kaoru.
“I will keep trying, and trying, and on,”
“You’re just wasting your time to repair something that clearly can be back to normal,” Riki lifted his shoulders.
“It doesn’t matter if in the end it would be useless, at least I’ve tried,” Kaoru starting to breath normally.
“Can I too be repaired?” asked her slowly. Riki stared at her.
“You aren’t a thing,” Riki took away the tool from Kaoru. The girl was just stood still. Suddenly they heard a gentle sound from the piano. Kaoru’s face that was looking sad earlier, quickly changed into a smile. With light steps Kaoru runs from the room, as if she doesn’t have any weight. Her sense inside the room was also gone, as if she was never there from the first place. Riki slightly smile looking at the tool on his hand.

Slowly Kaoru push the door into the music room. She peeped inside. At the center of the room, Abe was playing the piano. His fingers gently played the piano, resulting beautiful tones. Without making a sound, Kaoru slides in and sit at the red sofa just behind Abe. Kaoru sat there with keeping her manner, staring at Abe’s back that to her was looking warm and shining. Abe’s beautiful tones resonated deeply into Kaoru’s heart and made her slowly falling asleep.

“Dinner is ready,” said Riki to Abe who was playing the piano.
“Okay,” answered Abe shortly. Riki looked at the red sofa. Suddenly Abe stood and walked to the door.
“She won’t be coming anymore,” mumble Abe walking out from the music room. Riki stood still, giving sad look at the red sofa.
. . .

The sky was looking dark; the rain would come down at any time. Abe slowly walked by in front of a hospital. He saw a girl with white dress until her knees was squatting. Abe just stood still looking at her. The girl was also looking at him without even blink.
“Can I come with you?” asked the girl.
“Do as you please,” said Abe walking away. The girl followed him in silence.
. . .

The bell resounded many times. It can be heard from many places. An old man put off his hat and bends his head deeply. He was mourning. That day, one soul has disappeared from earth.

Hirokazu was blankly looking at the pan in front of him. He doesn’t have the feel to cook. Suddenly he saw a white dress passing by.
“I really like Hirokazu-san’s cooking! It’s all delicious!” said Kaoru.

Kimi was sleeping while hugging tightly a book. He was still wearing his big headphones. He heard a cheerful voice.
“Is this a good book? Can I read it?” asked Kaoru.

Tohru hugged his knees, bending his head deep. He could hear a cheerful laughter.
“One more time! This time I will surely beat you!” said Kaoru.

Riki was looking at the wooden clock in front of him. He succeeds repairing it.
“It can really be repaired?” asked Kaoru. Riki laughed.
“I’ve told you, you won’t know until you try,”
“I already know it,” Riki sniffed.
“Thank you, nii-san” said Kaoru cheerfully. There’s a sound of a piano, along with the sound from the church bell. Abe was playing a song.

When I open the window, everything stops and is the same as ever. 
The ashen sky, the dried trees, and you, 
Are still in the continually-falling rain.

Now, my tears silently fall, following you. 
The memories, so beautiful, are shut away in my chest. 
The interrupted love and the memories only overlap in the dreams I embrace. 
Like this, I love you, and you love me, but 
My wish won't come true until this rain stops.
Because it's all far too brilliant, I can't see anymore. 
I embrace you, and now, I just want to sleep. 
I want the time I lost 
To return to my hands once more.
The light peeking between the rifts in the clouds illuminate your wet eyes. 
Your overflowing love penetrates my heart.
I want to lock away this eternity, 
Where the tears we cry and even time itself is decorated in lovely flowers 
Here in these memories my voice can't reach.
Gazing at you, I'm unable to move. 
Because I love you, it hurts that I can't touch you. 
If this is a dream, please don't let me wake. 
Give me the key to my memories.
Because it's all far too brilliant, I can't see anymore. 
I embrace you, and now, I just want to sleep. 
If this is a dream, then you'll never die. 
So that I can paint out an unchanging future,
I'll send to you this bouquet 
With all my gratitude and love. 
Thank you. I believe that, someday, 
We'll meet again, and I sing...
I sing your love. 
I believe in you. 
I'll... someday, 
I want your love.

Suddenly transparent hands came out and gently hug Abe from the back. Kaoru gently and with deep love hug Abe from the behind.

“I love you…thank you…good bye…” whispered Kaoru. Without words, Abe touched Kaoru’s hands that slowly vanished.
. . .

*The song title is "Created Beauty" from Versailles. Source of lyric translation is here

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