Thursday, June 16, 2016

Transferring Stories: A Fairy Tale.

This story is one of my writings that I really enjoy doing it.
It's based on "YES" music video from Acid Black Cherry.
Until now, I still don't understand the relation between the story in the music video and the song's lyric, but I do enjoy both (^^).

. . .

Yasu is the garden fairy. He can only be seen by people who's having a weak heart. His duty is to accompany the person and make the heart stronger. One day a little girl greets him. What will become from their meeting?

. . .

Doushitano?” ask the little girl. Yasu held up his head.
Anata wa daijoubuka?” Yasu keeps still. He’s closely looking at the two pony tails little girl in front of him.
Anata wa dare?” Yasu blinks to the question.
Watashi wa…dare?” Yasu asks back. The little girl stood.
“You don’t know who you are?” ask her.
“What are you doing here?” Yasu looks around. They were in a vast garden, under the Akasia’s flower.
“Here is,”
“Here is the garden of my home,” told the girl.
“See, that’s my house. I live there with my dad,” the girls points to a small looking white house. Yasu looks at the house. Somehow he’s feeling peaceful.
Anata no namae wa?” ask the girl. Yasu turns to her, thinking.
“You don’t know your name?”
“My name…Ya…Su…”
“Yasu? Your name is Yasu?” Yasu feels confused. He isn’t sure if that’s really his name. But he feels familiar with it. He nods slowly.
“I’m Hana,” the girl gives her hand to Yasu.
“It means flower. Nice to meet you, Yasu-san,” the girl smiles. Yasu is still looking confused. He looks at the girl’s hand and slowly reaches for it.

“I think Yasu-san is an angel,” said Hana to Yasu. They were sitting under the Akasia’s flower. The sun gives warm light through the leaves.
“Angel?” Yasu wonders.
“Yes, I think you’re an angel since no one can see you beside me,” told Hana.

It’s been few days since Hana met Yasu. One day after she’s talking with Yasu, the gardener approached her and asks what she’s been talking to the flowers. Hana insisted that she isn’t talking to the flowers and try to describe Yasu to the gardener. But the gardener only thinks the person name Yasu was Hana’s imaginary friend.

“Maybe my mom sends you here to check on me?” ask Hana. Yasu looks at her.
“Mom passed away six months ago. Then we moved here. I don’t like it here. I don’t have friends here. I want to come back to our old house. And I want mom to be with us again,”

Hana bends to her knees. She’s looking sad. Yasu watches her doing. He slowly reaches for a flower near him. He takes one and gives it to Hana. Hana stills looking at the flower, then to Yasu.

“For you,” said Yasu. Hana slowly takes the flower and smile to him.
“Thank you,” and Yasu slowly smiles too.
Yasu is sitting still, watching Hana running here and there in front of him. She’s looking happy. Hana collects some flowers and give it to Yasu.

“For me?” ask him. Hana nods and smile cheerfully.
Yasu takes the flowers and smile back.
“Thank you,”
“Does Yasu-san never go anywhere besides being in this garden?” ask Hana taking a sit beside Yasu. Yasu shakes his head.  
“It seems I only can go as far as around this garden,”
“You never try?” Yasu shakes again.
“No, I haven’t. I feel there’s something that kept me here,” Yasu looks at the vast garden.
“I wonder what kept you here. You must be feeling lonely all this time, being alone here,” Yasu stills.
“I’ve forget for how long I’ve been here. I’ve forget several things too. I’ve forget the last time I’ve talked to someone. It feels so…long. Until you’ve came,” Yasu smiles.
“Don’t you worry, I won’t go anywhere. I will always be here with you,” said Hana.
“Hana-chan feels lonely too? You don’t have friends?” ask Yasu.
“Well, it’s not that I don’t have any friends. It’s just I don’t like it here. I want to go back,” told Hana.
“But, they are good people, these friends of yours?” ask Yasu. Hana slowly nods.
“So you like them then. If you don’t, you won’t say they are good people,”
“I believe they like you too,” Hana looks at Yasu. They are looking at each other.
“Do you think so?” ask Hana.
“Yes, I do. I like you, and they will surely like you too,” answer Yasu.
“I like you too, Yasu-san. I like you so much,” Hana smiles, and so does with Yasu. He’s looking at the flowers Hana gave him. Suddenly his vision gets blurry. Yasu touches his eyes.
“What’s the matter? Are you alright?” ask Hana sounds worry. Yasu nods.
“Yes, I’m alright. It’s just,” Yasu stills looking at Hana. He’s looking confused now.
“Yasu-san, what’s wrong? Are you really alright?” ask Hana again.

Yasu keeps still. He doesn’t understand what he’s doing there with a little stranger girl. Yasu looks at the flowers on his hand.

“Ha…na…” mumbles him.
“Yes? What’s wrong, Yasu-san?” ask Hana. Yasu stills.

Now he knows the girl in front of him, the girl who gave him the flowers. Then why for a short time he forgets about her? Yasu can only stills looking at Hana’s worry face.
Yasu listens to Hana talking anxiously about what she’s been doing at school. Apparently she has friends now. She’s been telling Yasu what she has been doing with her friends. Her face is looking so happy and lively. Yasu only smiles watching her. But, suddenly his heart asks.
“Who’s the little girl in front of me?”    
“Yasu-san, what do you think?” ask Hana as she goes round and round showing off her beautiful white dress. She’s smiling happily.
“You’re looking beautiful,” said Yasu.
“Thank you, Yasu-san,” Hana smiles sweetly.
“You’ll be going with your friends?”
“Yes, a friend of mine is having a birthday party and I’m being invited. I’ll be going there,” told Hana. Yasu smiles to see her so happy.
“I’ll go home as fast as I can and will told you about it,”
“Don’t bother about me, just enjoy the party. I’ll be here waiting for you,” said Yasu. Hana looks at him and nod.
“I’ll be going now. When I get home, I’ll tell you about it,”
“Yes, I can’t wait,”

Hana waves to Yasu and he waves back. Yasu watches as Hana with her white dress crossing over the garden and went outside to meet her friends. She’s looking so happy indeed. Yasu can’t help himself from smiling. Suddenly his visions get blurry again. Yasu realizes it happened every time Hana talked happily about her friends.

“What’s going on here?” ask Yasu to himself. He’s surprised because the images of Hana are slowly fading away. Her smiles, her laughter, her warms hand, her face, are slowly fading away when Yasu closes his eyes.

“Ha…na…” calls Yasu weakly.
Yasu stood still beside the Akasia flowers. He has the answer now. The flowers have told him, the real identity about him and what he’s doing at the garden. Yasu is the garden fairy. He will show up in front of a person who has loneliness and sadness inside the heart. Yasu will comfort their heart and encouraging them. And this time, the person who sees him was Hana, the little girl that lost her mother and was afraid with the new environment. It’s Yasu’s duty to be at Hana’s side and encourage her. And without really realizing it, Yasu has done his job. But, when the person has started to have happiness, Yasu won’t be needed any longer. The person will slowly forget about Yasu, and so does with him. It’s the reason why lately he gets blurry vision and start to losing the image of Hana. It means his job is almost done.

“For how long this has happening?” ask Yasu.
“It’s been and always like that. It’s what you do. It’s what you are destined to do,” told the flower.
“And Hana-chan will forget about me?”
“Yes, she will. Surely you don’t remember, but no one who has meet you would still have memories about you,”
“Hana-chan will forget about me,” mumbles Yasu.
“You start to get blurry vision, and her images are slowly fade away, it’s the time,” told the flower.

Yasu stills. He’s thinking for how many times, how many long it has been happening. Yasu closes his eyes, trying to remember. He can’t. He really doesn’t remember anything. The only thing that he can still see was Hana’s smiling face, which it also slowly fading away.

“Hana,” calls Yasu softly. As if he wants to keep remembering about her.
“She will forget about you. It’s your job to give her happiness, don’t ever expect the same,” reminds the flower. Yasu keeps still. He feels something isn’t right. He doesn’t want to forget Hana.

“Yasu-san?” calls a sound in the sudden. Yasu looks at a little girl standing not far from him. The girl is looking around.
“She is,”
“Yasu-san?” she starts to walk around. It seems that she can’t see Yasu.
“” suddenly the girl stops walking. She’s looking confused now.
“She has starts to forget about you,” said the flower. Yasu’s heart pumped out. He wants to reach the girl.
“Don’t do that, it’s no use. She has forgotten about you. Soon, you’ll forget her too,” Yasu stills. But, he quickly made up his mind.      
“No, I won’t let that happen,” Yasu quickly rushes to the girl.
“Fool! What do you think you’re doing? You only make yourself suffer. It’s no use! You even can’t remember her name!” said the flower.

Yasu ignores it. He stands in front of the girl now. But the girl isn’t looking at him. It seems Yasu is really fading away from her memory. Yasu takes a deep breath and wanted to call the girl’s name.
“What’s her name?” ask Yasu to himself. He has forgotten the girl’s name. Yasu thinks hard to remember, but no words come into his mind.

“I’ve told you it’s no use. You already forget about her,” said the flower. Yasu stills. He looks at the girl with sad look. The flower is right. No matter how hard he wants to remember, it’s no use. Both he and the girl have forgotten about each other.

“You might as well go back here. Leave her. Others will come for you. It will keep happening. It will be always like that. Your place is with us, among the flowers,” told the flower.
“Among the flowers,” mumble Yasu. Suddenly he feels the urge inside of him, a name just prompt out. He wants to say it but feel hesitant. Yasu is still looking at the girl. He decides to take the possibility. He doesn’t care what would happen after it. Yasu takes a deep breath.
“Hana,” calls him. The girl stills.
“Hana,” Yasu tries for second time. The girls show a bit reaction. Yasu pulls all of his strength.
“Hana!” calls him with a louder voice.

The girl held her head high and looking at him. Yasu wants to smile, but looking at her confused look, the smile holds off. The girl closely looks at Yasu. They are looking at each other. Suddenly, the girl is smiling. Her eyes are glistering.

“Yasu-san!!” cried her. Yasu smiles widely. He squats down and opens his arms welcoming the rushing Hana. Hana holds him tightly.
“I’m scared. I’m so scared. I keep calling you but you are nowhere. I thought I’ve lose you, just like mother. Please, never leave me, please,” cried Hana.

Yasu’s heart feels warm with her words, but he also feels sad. He’s happy Hana still remembers about him, but until when it would last? Until when he can still have the feeling? Until when he can tightly hug the little girl? Yasu keeps away the questions. He has made a decision. He won’t ask for anything. Yasu hugs Hana closely and whisper to her ears.

“I won’t go anywhere. I will always be with you, always,” Yasu can feel that Hana hugs him more tightly. He hugs her back. He doesn’t want anything to separate them.

“God, if I am really an angel send to make her happy. Please, let me stay with her. Please, let me always be with her and make sure she’s happy. Until the time comes, I only want to be with her,” pray Yasu inside his heart.    

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