Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Me vs Monday.

I understand why most people doesn't like Monday. I understand why there's "I Hate Monday" quote, or "Monday is Money Day", also "Monday is Monster Day".

Me and Monday will never be a good friend.

Monday is the first day of weekdays, first day of work (and school), meaning traffic jam everywhere, people rushing on the street, and crowded at the train.

I usually had "Monday Syndromes" on the day. One that always happened is severe head ache, causing I never can work properly on Monday, just wanted the time to passed as fast as it can.

So on every Monday, I tried not to do much work hehehe

Yesterday, I was only browsing the internet, while once in a while tried to done some work...just some, not too much. I could feel light head ache right away... plus, this week is also the last office week since next week we'll be having holidays to celebrate Idul Fitri. The degree of laziness are rising high hahaha

One that I browse on the internet was the audio book about Malec from "The Bane Chronicles" and from "Tales from Shadowhunter Academy". I've bought The Bane Chronicles and I've read the epub of the later, but I still get teased to get the audiobook hehehe
But, I didn't quickly click the "buy" button since the total cost I have to paid was quite big... The shipping cost was more than the audio book price. I stopped because of the cost hahaha Now, I'm thinking about it again, do I really need to bought it, so bad, that I would spend so much money for it?

I think, I won't hehehe

I finally bought the audible for the mentioned audio book! HAHAHA! I'm become very "scary" when I'm obsessed with something. Now, the next problem to solved, how I could play the audible by laptop and mp3 player, instead using the app...?

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