Thursday, June 02, 2016

"Home Sweet Home"

Yesterday, Nephew finally completed his college registry. He ought to started college activities by the end of August.
Through the two days of the visit to the new city, Nephew's mother (aka my sister) was giving me live report of their activities, from the departing train, arrived at the hotel, looking for rent rooms for the college, the registry process, till they were arriving back home (since I was at the office at the time they arrived).

On the first night, sister texted me,

"I watched him sleeping, and I cried and pray to God...because soon we will be apart..."

I replied her,

"You are over reacting,"

Hahaha... I thought sister would be much more stronger than me. Turned out, we were just the same.

Well, Nephew is our first of everything. He's the first son from sister; he's my first nephew; he's the first grandson of the family. When he was born, the family love, affection, and attention were all for him. He's indeed our special. Even my brother was worried Nephew would be skinnier than he is now, when starting college.

Before coming home, sister called me and said that Nephew actually couldn't wait to be back at home.

"Why? Does he miss home that much?" I asked.
"Looks like it, he said the drinking water isn't taste good, the food too, and even though we're bathing, but it doesn't feel we have taken a bath at all..." explained sister. "He just want to be back quickly,"
I laughed, "What's only the early beginning, the college hasn't starts yet,"

And when they finally arrived home, sister-in-law said that Nephew was saying, "Home sweet home." hahaha while earlier I teased him by saying I miss him so much, and that he shouldn't go to college far away. But, I really hope my words won't stop him from going to college. I will be missing him for sure, since no one for me to teased. I can only give positive supports, that this is the first steps to achieve his wishes.

It's surely never be easy to be a parents, in my case, also to be an aunt (^^).

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