Friday, June 03, 2016

Happy birthday, BOGOR!


The city I've been living since the nineties.
I moved to the city on my 3rd year of elementary school, some years after my father passing away. Sister told me that it was father's intention to moved to the city, spending his pension times.

It wasn't easy to live in new place, especially when I don't understand the local language, which is Sundanese. And, up until now, I still can't speak the language... I can understand when people talks Sundanese, but don't asked me to speak it. Also, a friend once said, "It doesn't fit you." hehehe

I always think Bogor is a small city, and wonders why people always like to come in weekends or holidays. They created massive traffic jam and crowd, which I really dislike the situation hehehe 

Over the years, I watched the changing of Bogor, especially around my neighborhood. My house was the very first one in the area. Then one by one, new people came, side by side, in the front, kinda made me missed the times when there's only my house with empty fields all around.

Two things that I mostly love from Bogor: the rain and Mount Salak.

Bogor is known as the rain city, the city that always have rain, while other area was having dry season. Bogor is also well known for the thunders. It's has the highest thunder rate.
I always like it when the sky was clear, showing up the majestic of Mount Salak, standing still handsomely. I could also saw it from my room window. So, I was quite sad when the city developed, with tall buildings and houses that covered the view of the Mount Salak.

My hope for Bogor are for the city to be back as the rain city, more trees than shopping malls and hotels. Also, more sidewalks for me to walked around the city, rather than taking public cars that would caused traffic jam.

I want Bogor to be more greener with fresher air~

Happy birthday, Bogor! The city I will always returned to.
(well, since I am living in the city hohoho)

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