Friday, June 24, 2016


Finally my book order has arrived!

It’s quite a big package for one book, yes? I was truly amazed, Periplus (^^).

I’ve lost count of the days waiting it to come. From the beginning of my order, I was told it would take between 10 to 20 days, not including weekends and public holidays. Damn, I thought I could have it before the starting of fasting month. 
Later on, I was told that the book has been shipped from the publisher, which is outside the country, and it would take 10-20 days to arrive. Huh, another 10 to 20 days??? So, I guess it’s normal that I would babble about it on my twitter hehehe 

What book did I order?
First of all, the package was indeed awesome. I didn’t pay any postal cost since the book’s price gave me free postal cost service. (^^). 

The package might be a service from the bookstore. Again, I’m amazed, Periplus. I’ve ordered some books from Japan, and the books were all wrapped with bubble warped. I thought it’s already awesome with the service, but take a look at this one…

And finally, about the book… Behold…

I’ve said before that I was being crazy about Malec, right? So… Tadaaaaaa!!!

Yap, I’ve ordered The Bane Chronicles, the book that tells 11 short stories of Magnus Bane. 
The stories were first released as a single volume of audio book. I’ve read the epub version though (^^). But, somehow it doesn’t feel right if I haven’t had the real book. Once again, it’s one of my crazy obsessions that lead me to place the order. Yet, I didn’t regret it. 

Since I doubt the book would have the Indonesian translations, also look at the comic illustrations.

The illustrations of Magnus and Alec...

Yes, I really not regretting to bought the book. 

Now, this is the look of the book, wrapped in safety and sacred hahaha

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