Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Me vs Monday.

I understand why most people doesn't like Monday. I understand why there's "I Hate Monday" quote, or "Monday is Money Day", also "Monday is Monster Day".

Me and Monday will never be a good friend.

Monday is the first day of weekdays, first day of work (and school), meaning traffic jam everywhere, people rushing on the street, and crowded at the train.

I usually had "Monday Syndromes" on the day. One that always happened is severe head ache, causing I never can work properly on Monday, just wanted the time to passed as fast as it can.

So on every Monday, I tried not to do much work hehehe

Yesterday, I was only browsing the internet, while once in a while tried to done some work...just some, not too much. I could feel light head ache right away... plus, this week is also the last office week since next week we'll be having holidays to celebrate Idul Fitri. The degree of laziness are rising high hahaha

One that I browse on the internet was the audio book about Malec from "The Bane Chronicles" and from "Tales from Shadowhunter Academy". I've bought The Bane Chronicles and I've read the epub of the later, but I still get teased to get the audiobook hehehe
But, I didn't quickly click the "buy" button since the total cost I have to paid was quite big... The shipping cost was more than the audio book price. I stopped because of the cost hahaha Now, I'm thinking about it again, do I really need to bought it, so bad, that I would spend so much money for it?

I think, I won't hehehe

I finally bought the audible for the mentioned audio book! HAHAHA! I'm become very "scary" when I'm obsessed with something. Now, the next problem to solved, how I could play the audible by laptop and mp3 player, instead using the app...?

Friday, June 24, 2016


Finally my book order has arrived!

It’s quite a big package for one book, yes? I was truly amazed, Periplus (^^).

I’ve lost count of the days waiting it to come. From the beginning of my order, I was told it would take between 10 to 20 days, not including weekends and public holidays. Damn, I thought I could have it before the starting of fasting month. 
Later on, I was told that the book has been shipped from the publisher, which is outside the country, and it would take 10-20 days to arrive. Huh, another 10 to 20 days??? So, I guess it’s normal that I would babble about it on my twitter hehehe 

What book did I order?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Transferring Stories: A Fairy Tale.

This story is one of my writings that I really enjoy doing it.
It's based on "YES" music video from Acid Black Cherry.
Until now, I still don't understand the relation between the story in the music video and the song's lyric, but I do enjoy both (^^).

. . .

Yasu is the garden fairy. He can only be seen by people who's having a weak heart. His duty is to accompany the person and make the heart stronger. One day a little girl greets him. What will become from their meeting?

. . .

Friday, June 10, 2016

Transferring stories: KAORU

I'm thinking to transferring to this blog, the stories (mostly fan fiction) I've wrote on wattpad. Since I found that it required readers to log in to read complete story.
I will transferred it one by one though. Randomly.

I will start with: KAORU.
I've spoke about it before. A story based on the feeling when I listen to Versailles's, "Created Beauty".
But, it's not a  fan fiction. The characters AREN'T the member of Versailles.
Actually, the story is a part from long writings I've been delaying to continue...

Well, with no further chit-chat, enjoy!

Monday, June 06, 2016

Greeting from the other side

I have been sleepless for several days. It’s because, youngest niece aka April has been waking up and crying in the middle of the night. 

On the first day, April woke up and cried at 1am. It’s really not usual for her to wake up in the sudden. She cried for almost 1 hour, asking for bottle of milk and to get out from her room, also the house. 

On the second day, April woke up at 12am, still crying, asking for bottle of milk, and to get out. She woke up again at 3am… I was joking, that maybe there’s “something” she saw and made her cried. Because, April always cried at the time, that some people said it’s the time when the day was changing, and when the gate of the other world was being opened, setting astral’s creature to pass through. 

On the third day, April woke up at 1am, and I did saw that she’s not looking usual, made me think she was…possessed. She cried asking for bottle milk, while she already holds it on her hands. She asked to get out from the house, while outside was still dark pitch. April’s mother said that before gone to bed, she has read several prayers to protect her daughter while sleeping, but it seemed didn’t affect too much. I was joking again, saying maybe April saw her Granny’s spirit (aka my mother), since it’s almost fasting month, and (again) people said it’s the time when our loved ones dead spirit would be coming home to see the living ones… 

On the fourth day, April woke up at 3am and cried for an hour again. In the morning, her mother asked her why she’s been crying at night. April said in a low and swiftly voice, “ghost” …

Friday, June 03, 2016

Happy birthday, BOGOR!


The city I've been living since the nineties.
I moved to the city on my 3rd year of elementary school, some years after my father passing away. Sister told me that it was father's intention to moved to the city, spending his pension times.

It wasn't easy to live in new place, especially when I don't understand the local language, which is Sundanese. And, up until now, I still can't speak the language... I can understand when people talks Sundanese, but don't asked me to speak it. Also, a friend once said, "It doesn't fit you." hehehe

I always think Bogor is a small city, and wonders why people always like to come in weekends or holidays. They created massive traffic jam and crowd, which I really dislike the situation hehehe 

Over the years, I watched the changing of Bogor, especially around my neighborhood. My house was the very first one in the area. Then one by one, new people came, side by side, in the front, kinda made me missed the times when there's only my house with empty fields all around.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

"Home Sweet Home"

Yesterday, Nephew finally completed his college registry. He ought to started college activities by the end of August.
Through the two days of the visit to the new city, Nephew's mother (aka my sister) was giving me live report of their activities, from the departing train, arrived at the hotel, looking for rent rooms for the college, the registry process, till they were arriving back home (since I was at the office at the time they arrived).

On the first night, sister texted me,

"I watched him sleeping, and I cried and pray to God...because soon we will be apart..."

I replied her,

"You are over reacting,"