Thursday, May 19, 2016

Time do flies.

Yesterday was Zufar's (oldest nephew) senior high school farewell party.
From early morning he has dressed up, wearing formal suit.
The day before, his mother told me that Zufar was declared as the "King" from social class. It's because of his good grades during one year study.

As an aunt, of course I feel proud.
Seeing the little chubby cute bald boy I used to babysit, now has been all growing up.
It felt like happened yesterday, when I lullaby him with one of Hyde's song, "prayer".
Now, Zufar has graduate his senior high, and in August he will soon go to college.

That's when I started to feel worried...

Zufar will go to college in a different region, far from home.
Well, just differ in province, but still in the same island with 9-10 hours of travel (^^)
But, it's the farthest that he has gone, (might be) alone, and have to take care of himself.
I believe his mother is also feeling worried, yet she seemed managed to hide it.
She said she's worried about the expenses. But, she has really good people supporting her. So, I think she will be alright.

I witnessed how Zufar has transformed.
His childhood dream was to be a Paleontologist, since he was crazy about Dinosaurs.
The dream slowly changed as he grow up.
His target now is to be a diplomat. That's why he choose International Relations as his major study.
And, he succeed to enter his chosen study.

I also witnessed Zufar's transformed from a little kid to a teenager.
When he fall in love with a girl for the first time, on his junior high.
Once he said that all woman are "poisonous", and he doesn't want to have any relation with any of them. Then I said, "Your Mother and sister are woman. So, they are also poisonous?" He said the two were special hahaha.
He was turned over by his crush, and after that he acted as if he never knew the girl. Hahaha.
It was really cruel attitude. But, it really affected his studies. His grades were down, and made his mother furious hahaha

He has second crush on senior high, his junior. This time he succeed.
He finally has a girl!
I saw another side of Zufar, slowly turning from a teenager, into a young man. 
Once I asked him, "Where did my cute and chubby nephew gone?" and he replied, "How the hell I know?" *smacked*

For now, Zufar is still lazying at home. Preparing at the end of this May, he will go to his college for the first time and settling the entire registrations process.

My little lion will finally be out, to be the king on his own.
I believe he will make it.
I pray he will make it.

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