Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Journey of (another) Stupidity.

Last Saturday, I attended a “comedy writing workshop” with the famous Raditya Dika. 
The workshop was interesting. I could also see with my own eyes how Raditya do a standup comedy live on the spot. His jokes were indeed funny. (^^)

Then, what kind of stupidity happened by me this time? 

The workshop was held in a library inside the Ministry of Education’s building. 
I knew where it’s located, but to make sure I checked Google maps for a direction.

I would take the train from Bogor to Sudirman’s station. Then walked for 5 minutes to Dukuh Atas shelter to take Transjakarta to Polda’s shelter, and finally walked to the location for about 20 minutes.

It was smooth to Dukuh Atas shelter, until I get off at Polda’s shelter. I asked the direction to Ministry of Education to some people on the way. Since there’s still enough time, 20 minutes of walk won’t be too much of problem. 
That’s what I thought…

While walking on the pedestrian’s side, I slowly realized how far a 20 minutes of walk hehehe. 
Then I noticed my stupidity… Instead of getting off at Polda’s shelter, I should have get off at Gelora Bung Karno’s shelter (two more shelters from Polda’s shelter) and walked from there. Its way closer than the route I took… But, it’s too late to feel sorry, so I keep on walking. 
Then I asked a local security guard for the precise location of the building. The security guard was smiling seeing me all sweating. 

Me: “Excuse me, Sir. Is it the right way to the Ministry of Education?”
Security guard: “Yes, Mam.”
Me: “Is it on the left or the right side of the road?”
Security guard: “It’s on the left side.”
Me: (Good, then I don’t have to cross the road).

But, the security guard was wrong… The building was on the right side of the road. I have to walk more further to the crossing bridge, which also the Gelora Bung Karno’s shelter… 
I don’t care if people think I was crazy by laughing at my own stupidity… 

I did arrive an half of hour before the workshop begun. So, I still have time to refresh myself because of the sweating. Luckily the workshop was interesting, and I enjoy it very much. 

On the way home, Megane-kun drives me and Tami (co-workers whom also attended the workshop) to the train station. But, the way towards there wasn’t smooth either… Megane-kun took the wrong turn and made us going round and round for half an hour… 

I was really tired because of the 20 minutes of walking, plus having a flu, and also upset with another of my stupidity. I know I shouldn’t trust 100% Google maps… 

To refresh from my stupidity, as soon as I arrived back at Bogor, I went to Gramedia to get some comics and an exclusive Assassination’s Classroom note book. I manage to get all the comics I wanted, also the note book. It’s indeed a refreshing (^^V). 

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