Friday, May 27, 2016

"Tada mae e"

Been hooked (again) with one of Hey! Say! JUMP's song, "Tada mae e".

The first time I listen was from JUMPing CARnival DVD.

I get hooked by Yamada's gentle and "yummy" voice.


I really don't know the right words to describe Yamada's voice in the song.
The melody and his voice was perfectly blend in. So yummy!! (^^)
The song also give positive messages in the lyric.
The music is gentle, yet kinda cheerful and encouraging.
Every time I listen to it makes my heart light. As if encourage me to keep move forward.
I guess, that's one of the group best traits. (^^)

Also, the song is my soundtrack while I read PDF of The Bane Chronicles, especially Malec's chapters...

Ah, one other thing I get hooked with is... MALEC.
What is that?

Well, using google Polski the word means, "boy".
But, the "Malec" I meant is for Magnus and Alec, a couple from Shadowhunters series.
The stories of the two in "The Bane Chronicles" are just sweet and beautiful! Portraying the other sides of Magnus, the warlock, and his partner, Alec, the Shadowhunter.
It's written in a humorist way, just like how Magnus would tell it by himself.
I couldn't stop my self from burst into laughing, or giggling, or blushing from the story.
I'm happy that the two gets happy ending in the story. (^^)

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