Friday, May 27, 2016

"Tada mae e"

Been hooked (again) with one of Hey! Say! JUMP's song, "Tada mae e".

The first time I listen was from JUMPing CARnival DVD.

I get hooked by Yamada's gentle and "yummy" voice.


I really don't know the right words to describe Yamada's voice in the song.
The melody and his voice was perfectly blend in. So yummy!! (^^)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Journey of (another) Stupidity.

Last Saturday, I attended a “comedy writing workshop” with the famous Raditya Dika. 
The workshop was interesting. I could also see with my own eyes how Raditya do a standup comedy live on the spot. His jokes were indeed funny. (^^)

Then, what kind of stupidity happened by me this time? 

The workshop was held in a library inside the Ministry of Education’s building. 
I knew where it’s located, but to make sure I checked Google maps for a direction.

Friday, May 20, 2016


Betrayed is hurt.

When I put high hopes, feeling excited, feeling cheerful, then later...
It's GONE.

The high hopes I delivered.
The excitement I felt.
The happiness I've thought about.

Don't give high hopes if you can't delivered it.
Don't give the excitement, if in the end you would betray it.
Don't give happiness, when you're just going to bash it away.

Please, don't.

But, no matter how bad I got hurt, I still put high hopes.
Yeah, that's what I will always do.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Time do flies.

Yesterday was Zufar's (oldest nephew) senior high school farewell party.
From early morning he has dressed up, wearing formal suit.
The day before, his mother told me that Zufar was declared as the "King" from social class. It's because of his good grades during one year study.

As an aunt, of course I feel proud.
Seeing the little chubby cute bald boy I used to babysit, now has been all growing up.
It felt like happened yesterday, when I lullaby him with one of Hyde's song, "prayer".
Now, Zufar has graduate his senior high, and in August he will soon go to college.

That's when I started to feel worried...