Friday, April 22, 2016

[work] Catatan Harian INDIGO

Once I thought, it might be cool to have sixth sense, able to see the dead souls.
But, now I know it isn't as cool as it looks to be...

Editing "Catatan Harian INDIGO" has made me realized it.

Catatan Harian INDIGO tells about the real experiences of an Indigo, who can see the dead souls, of course in their most scary forms, every time and every where he goes.
A scary and annoying times for him. Yet, somehow he manage to create bond with some of the ghost, and they become best friends.

This is my first time to edit a horror novel.
I'm glad I didn't experienced any supernatural things while working on it. (^^)
The entire story in the book was a true story aka really happened. That's why I also kind of worried when editing the writings... thinking that the ghostly friends might not like the way I rewrite their stories/words. So far, the Author hasn't said anything about his "friends" response. I guess I pass? (^^)

Once there was a very stupid of me, saying something about a part on the writings.

"How about, when you turned around, the elevator door closed, and you saw the image of the ghost bounce back at the door?"

The Author respond made me stunned.

"Hahaha, that's impossible, that only happen in Insidious."


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