Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Unwrapped vistlip’s new mini album, SENSE.

vistlip has released a new album on 30 March 2016. Usually I would receive it a day before or after, or in the same week with the release date. But, it came a week after, and it made me annoyed, worrying it would be lost somewhere in the sea, or in the custom.

As usual, I order lipper version, contains 6 songs, with one “rebirth” song. The track lists are:
1.    Chaplin
2.    Imitation Gold
3.    La Vista
4.    As You Know.
5.    Rosalia Lombardo
6.    Aya (Re:birth)

Chaplin was composed by umi. Of course when I knew, I quickly go insane hahaha but, the music is quite different feeling with “chapter ask”, either “Reset Circle”. It’s a fast and rough track with umi’s growling at the back of tomo’s voice. I’m happy I could listen to another umi’s composing. Hopefully in the future he would composed more, and maybe also wrote the lyric.

I quickly get hooked with the sound of “Imitation Gold” and “As You Know.” The two are my favorite from the mini album. 

The design of the mini album was quite simple this time, except for the limited edition. 

As I get through the booklet, I didn’t realize that there’s an illustration on every page, which umi has illustrated (!!!). I realize it after reading the back of the booklet, 

Design drafting:
Illustration: (booklet)
Total styling:

Whoa…whoa…whoa… Please the “booklet” means also on the lipper version! I don’t know whether vister and the limited edition have the booklet with mentioned illustration. 

There were 6 illustrations for each track on each page.   
Track one, Chaplin, has a headphone with the writing “sense of hearing”. The same headphone that umi wears in the “La Vista” music video. 

Track two, Imitation Gold, has an apple with a fork stuck on it with the writing “sense of taste”.
Track three, La Vista, has an eye with the writing “sense of sight”.
Track four, As You Know., has a hand with the writing “sense of touch”.
Track five, Rosalia Lombardo, has a flower with the writing “sense of smell”.
And last, track six, Aya (Re:birth) with a mix of colors with no writing. 

I don’t know if each track really represent each of the sense, like “Chaplin” with headphone, is it means I would listen to umi’s growling more clear with headphone? Hahaha or is it “Imitation Gold” got something to do with sense of taste? I don’t have any idea (^^;).

From the mini album, I get Yuh card and tomo’s sticker. It seemed it will take long before I finally get umi’s card… 


Over all, I like the new mini album. I always do though XD But, one thing I dislike (maybe for the first time), was umi’s visual… Why shorts? Why with the collar?? Sorry umi, even though I do adore your visual taste, but this time I don’t like it at all… Orz

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