Wednesday, April 06, 2016

SUGIZO's voyage with Syrian refugees.

One thing that I like from SUGIZO is his care for humanity issues.
Recently, he has visited the Syrian refugees camp in Jordan. As a Japan's delegation for UNHCR.
He interact with the refugees and had a performance.
A simple performance for a JRock star like him.
But I believe, that simple performance succeed to touched the heart of the refugees.

Sugizo has wrote a note about his trip to the camp.

These people did not want to become refugees, nor did they choose their current situation.

A very strong message from Sugizo, whom has visited the location. And, I can't thank him enough for doing so, also for sharing his thoughts and pictures while he was there.
Reading his note, seeing his smiling face, along with the refugees, especially the children, have bring tears in my eyes. He's truly a beautiful soul.

Thank you for willing to care,
Thank you for coming, 
Thank you for understanding. 

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