Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Kimi's first podium in 2016 season.

I really need to thank Rio Haryanto (and people who financially supported him).
Thanks to them, the Formula One show is back on local TV, and it's mean I can watch Kimi again!! Wasshoi!!

The first race in Melbourne was not good... Kimi had to retired (the same with Rio).
But, it feels so good to see Kimi's race again. The excitement at the start, overtaking, pits strategy, etc. I really miss it all.  And I do proud as an Indonesian, to see Rio able to race among famous and talented drivers on earth.

On second race in Bahrain, Kimi succeed to secure 2nd place. It's his first podium of 2016 season.
He was quite late at the start, almost caught up in a collusion on turn one, and lose his position to 5th. But, he managed to slowly "climbed" to be in 2nd place, and maintain the position till the end. Yessa!!

I still got the same chill whenever I watched Kimi's race. I shouted "GO!!" when the lights off (to start the race). Feeling anxious on crucial turn one, and when he hunted drivers in front of him. I wanted him to quickly overtake, but at the same time I want him to be careful not to crash hahaha I wonder how his girlfriend could handle the enthusiasm when she watched it from the garage.

Watching the race also got me the nostalgic moment of me watching the race alone, while my family were all gone to bed hahaha Sister-in-law said it's no wonder I still awake at such time since there's "Akang" race hahaha.

It's so nostalgic indeed. After the race, Kimi was still the same Kimi. He didn't salute his teams, just quickly get inside after parking his car. On the podiums, he always drink his "podium drinks" first before spraying it away. I think that's his own style to celebrate his wins.

As for Rio, I'm happy he managed to finally crossed the finish line, all safe and sound. Just like Azrul Ananda, as the show commentator, has said,

Rio is the 1st Indonesian to be driving in F1. Rio is the 1st Indonesian to start a race in F1. Rio is the first Indonesian to cross the finish line in F1. It's super achievement!

I couldn't agree more. As an Indonesian, I'm really proud with Rio's doing. He has reached his (maybe) biggest dreams. To be driving in F1, as a real driver, not a test driver. That's awesome!!
I wish him good. I wish slowly he will be able to catch up with other drivers, and show his greatness. 

A picture from Melbourne race event, which Rio was sitting beside his idol, Kimi Raikkonen.
Rio was in the same place, breathing the same air, living the same moment, with my mostly beloved one.

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