Monday, April 25, 2016

[Impression] Assassination Classroom Graduation.

Last Saturday, I finally watched Assassination Classroom second movie at CGV Blitz Grand Indonesia. My main purpose was of course to watch Yamada Ryosuke’s act in this second movie (^^v). He’s really fun to watch! I think Yamada has successfully performed his role in the movie as Nagisa Shiota. He has shown different face and voice from his usual, made me difficult to trace his side as an idol. But, he still has that enchanted and beautiful smile. Damn, I really like Yamada’s smile and this is dangerous. XD 

Nagisa was so innocence that he could easily acknowledges “killing lesson” from Bitch-sensei, in order to safe Kayano’s life. Well, Bitch-sensei’s killing lessons are kissing lessons, so… yeah… Nagisa kisses Kayano… XD (and the crowd screamed~) 

When Nagisa fight one on one with Karma, obviously he was no match for the red hair warrior. But Karma gave up after Nagisa come at him with “small animal’s mode”, and locked Karma’s movement. My friend said, “I thought he (Nagisa) was kissing him (Karma), like he did previously (to Kayano).” How the hell she could think of that? XDD    

The story line was quite fast. Of course I understand it won’t be an easy thing to sum up the comic’s story into a 118 minutes movie, making some parts were kind of odd… 

The school tour to Kyoto was replaced with school festival, with the same part Kayano and her friends were abducted by scoundrels from other school. Koro-sensei was there to save them, after Karma and friends being beaten up. But in the comic, it was Nagisa and friends who come to save the girls (with the guide from Koro-sensei, not as the main savior).   

The showing up of a sniper, Red Eye, who being called the greatest sniper, but not quite show his great ability in attempting to kill Koro-sensei. Obviously he failed, and even recognized by Nagisa. Then he compliment Koro-sensei as a good teacher, when both of them were only interact for few minutes…? That’s odd for me… (^^;)

The part when Kayano’s true identity was revealed, and continues with her fight against Koro-sensei was also too fast forward. (XD) I feel my head was full with information and memories of both Kayano’s and Koro-sensei’s past. 

The story about Shinigami (NinomiyaKazunari Ninomiya) with his slowly transformations into Koro-sensei were great and surprising, especially how Shinigami was actually hold control from the start, and that he’s not the one who destroy the moon, also what the real meaning of the end of the world on March. I could understand why Yanagisawa (Narimiya Hiroki) wanted to badly get revenge to Koro-sensei. XD    

Beside of Yamada as Nagisa, I also feel entertained by Bitch-sensei, being so hot, seductive, and funny at the same time. And, Narimiya Hiroki once again really fit as an antagonist character. When his character was “easily” defeated, after he has transformed into a stronger creature than Koro-sensei, I went, “Huh? Only like that?” XD 

The end was quite surprising, I mean surprising because it’s kind of… usual…? XD Koro-sensei was finally dead, killed by Nagisa (which get label from Karma as their leader). Nagisa said he finally know what he wanted to be, by looking at the stars… 

“What? Scientist? Astronauts? Assassin? Doctor?”

Nope. Nagisa decided to be a … teacher… in a class of scoundrels (imagine Gokusen’s situation here). Eventually, his students don’t welcome him, having cute face and small body, they threatened to kill him. Nagisa showed his assassin’s smile and easily defeat the student, then saying, “You could try to kill me, until the graduation day,” in the way Koro-sensei has said. Good quote from Nagisa when the student threatened to kill him, 

 What made me laugh so hard while watching the movie was when the studio turned into a fandom studio. When Ninomiya showed up in the screen, when he smiles, when he gently “touched” Aguri-sensei, the girls in my row were screaming XDDDD 

Then when the movie finally over, I heard someone behind me saying that Yamada wasn’t looking as his usually does as an idol. (^^;) Well, that means he has done superb acting that making him looks so different, right? That’s awesome! 

The Indonesian subtitle was also funny. Aguri-sensei was ordered to get “vital signs” of Shinigami, which means record of his conditions, pulse, changing, heartbeat, etc. But in the Indonesian subtitle, it get translate as “alat vital”, which mean male’s most precious thing on the body XDDDD “Tentacle mines”, which meant as bomb was translate as “Tambang Tentakel” aka like “mines” for coal, diamond, and other materials deep inside earth. XDDDDD  
I fell satisfied finally able to watch the movie in theater. I will have tight schedule ahead, so last Saturday was the only day I could go to watch it. I’m satisfied to watch another superb Yamada’s acting (and his smile…). He can really be looking weak, scared, hesitant, and speak with very low voice. I’m satisfied to finally know how the story also would end in the comic. 

But, maybe only few know it, that actually Nagisa has become an assassin with knife, under the name, Semi… XD Okay, that’s another role from Yamada in the movie Grasshopper. XD 

Feuh... Now I really want Yamada to do some series again... (>.<)

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