Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dear 智,

Dear 智,

It's odd not seeing you on twitter.
It feels lonely.
It feels incomplete...

I could only guess the reason.

But, somehow I could understand your reaction.
You were trying to help someone, saving someone's life.
Just like your words (your promise?) on [PERIOD]. 
So I understand if you are feeling upset.

Maybe, right now you are still feeling upset.
I think it's okay, it's normal for you to feel that way.
I just hope, you are always doing fine.
Maybe you won't ever be back on twitter, but at least you are doing fine, every seconds, every minutes, every single day.

Thank you for thinking about the fans (aka the people).
Thank you for trying to save people with your words, with your voice.
You, just be you. Always. ^^

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