Monday, April 25, 2016

[Impression] Assassination Classroom Graduation.

Last Saturday, I finally watched Assassination Classroom second movie at CGV Blitz Grand Indonesia. My main purpose was of course to watch Yamada Ryosuke’s act in this second movie (^^v). He’s really fun to watch! I think Yamada has successfully performed his role in the movie as Nagisa Shiota. He has shown different face and voice from his usual, made me difficult to trace his side as an idol. But, he still has that enchanted and beautiful smile. Damn, I really like Yamada’s smile and this is dangerous. XD 

Friday, April 22, 2016

[work] Catatan Harian INDIGO

Once I thought, it might be cool to have sixth sense, able to see the dead souls.
But, now I know it isn't as cool as it looks to be...

Editing "Catatan Harian INDIGO" has made me realized it.

Catatan Harian INDIGO tells about the real experiences of an Indigo, who can see the dead souls, of course in their most scary forms, every time and every where he goes.
A scary and annoying times for him. Yet, somehow he manage to create bond with some of the ghost, and they become best friends.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dear 智,

Dear 智,

It's odd not seeing you on twitter.
It feels lonely.
It feels incomplete...

I could only guess the reason.

But, somehow I could understand your reaction.
You were trying to help someone, saving someone's life.
Just like your words (your promise?) on [PERIOD]. 
So I understand if you are feeling upset.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Unwrapped vistlip’s new mini album, SENSE.

vistlip has released a new album on 30 March 2016. Usually I would receive it a day before or after, or in the same week with the release date. But, it came a week after, and it made me annoyed, worrying it would be lost somewhere in the sea, or in the custom.

As usual, I order lipper version, contains 6 songs, with one “rebirth” song. The track lists are:
1.    Chaplin
2.    Imitation Gold
3.    La Vista
4.    As You Know.
5.    Rosalia Lombardo
6.    Aya (Re:birth)

Chaplin was composed by umi. Of course when I knew, I quickly go insane hahaha but, the music is quite different feeling with “chapter ask”, either “Reset Circle”. It’s a fast and rough track with umi’s growling at the back of tomo’s voice. I’m happy I could listen to another umi’s composing. Hopefully in the future he would composed more, and maybe also wrote the lyric.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

SUGIZO's voyage with Syrian refugees.

One thing that I like from SUGIZO is his care for humanity issues.
Recently, he has visited the Syrian refugees camp in Jordan. As a Japan's delegation for UNHCR.
He interact with the refugees and had a performance.
A simple performance for a JRock star like him.
But I believe, that simple performance succeed to touched the heart of the refugees.

Sugizo has wrote a note about his trip to the camp.

These people did not want to become refugees, nor did they choose their current situation.

A very strong message from Sugizo, whom has visited the location. And, I can't thank him enough for doing so, also for sharing his thoughts and pictures while he was there.
Reading his note, seeing his smiling face, along with the refugees, especially the children, have bring tears in my eyes. He's truly a beautiful soul.

Thank you for willing to care,
Thank you for coming, 
Thank you for understanding. 

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Kimi's first podium in 2016 season.

I really need to thank Rio Haryanto (and people who financially supported him).
Thanks to them, the Formula One show is back on local TV, and it's mean I can watch Kimi again!! Wasshoi!!

The first race in Melbourne was not good... Kimi had to retired (the same with Rio).
But, it feels so good to see Kimi's race again. The excitement at the start, overtaking, pits strategy, etc. I really miss it all.  And I do proud as an Indonesian, to see Rio able to race among famous and talented drivers on earth.

On second race in Bahrain, Kimi succeed to secure 2nd place. It's his first podium of 2016 season.
He was quite late at the start, almost caught up in a collusion on turn one, and lose his position to 5th. But, he managed to slowly "climbed" to be in 2nd place, and maintain the position till the end. Yessa!!