Thursday, March 17, 2016

umi & SUGIZO

No, it's not a picture of umi and SUGIZO together.
Even though it might be interesting to see the two together.
I hope someday SUGIZO would invite umi to his "Guitarist Meet Up". (^^)

Anyway, here are some of umi's picture from Motto2 vol. 17.
I only post that I likes huehehe

umi's stares freeze my heart...umi's smiles make me fly to Seventh Heaven! XD
The rest of the pictures are here

While about SUGIZO, I was kind of worried when he tweeted about going to "disappeared" for a while after Pata's health issues, that caused the postponed of X Japan new album released.
But, he seemed to go "behind the curtains work", like participating again in Peace on Earth event this year.
SUGIZO was also participated in BENNU's fashion show (which I don't know what kind of event ^^;)

SUGIZO is always looking awesome while playing violin, and the 3rd picture above makes me, "GYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

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