Friday, March 18, 2016

Thank You.

When someone do kindness to us, what would we do?
Of course saying "thank you", right?

But I guess there were people who seemed don't want to get the gratitude words.
My friend, P, might be one of the people.

The story was P and his wife was having a vacation in Japan.
When I saw his tweet, I quickly mention him.

K: "Hey, can I ask you a favor to get me something (from Japan)?"
P: "If I could, sure, what do you want?"
K: "How long you will be staying there?"
P: "I'll be home on xxxx (mentioning the date)."

I quickly think what would I want him to get... CD? DVD? Merchandise? Katana? Kimono?
After days, I didn't know what I want...also I don't have money...

K: "Yo, P. I think I don't want anything, enjoy your holiday~"
P: "Hahaha, thanks!"

Then, my days were going normal...when I across new group to listen...
It was crazy and I get obsessed. And when I get obsessed, it will be so bad...
I quickly asked P to get me a DVD of the group.

P: "Hahaha, okay, let's see if I can find it,"
K: "Thank you~ Don't forget to give me your account number, so I can transfer the amount."
P: "Ok."

Then he send me picture of the DVD stand at a store, making sure it's the right one. I answered yes in joy and thanked him. That time he doesn't replied. His chats were also shorts and to the point. I was thinking, maybe I have interrupted his leisure time with his wife, to go to music store and get the DVD. Feeling guilt soon fills my mind. 

Two days after his arriving date, I message him. He said that he will send me the DVD. I was so pleased~~~

K: "Hey, where's your bank account?"
P: "Chill out, it's a gift."

A gift? Is it mean FREE?!! I DON'T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING?!!

K: "Are you serious?"
P: "Yap."
K: "Whoa...Arigatou gozaimashita~~~"

And he doesn't reply.
Second time I said thank you and he doesn't replied. I've begin to think since when he's becoming like that? XD

It really surprised me...if I knew it's going to be a gift, I would have order more hahaha *smacked*
Of course I was joking...

It took me days thinking should I or should not I bought the DVD? I'm not collecting DVD, I don't have the budget at that moment, and it's not from]my top-list-to-get band. Then he said it's a gift... I really almost cried...

Maybe for him, it's just a simple thing to do, to gift something to other people, his friends, he's always a kind person since college, but he doesn't know the meaning of his actions for me. He's giving me one of my happiness, relating to Japanese music. It's indeed not a simple thing.

Hey P, maybe you don't want to get gratitude words, but you've made me so happy, so I will keep saying it anyway, thank you...thank you so much!

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